A Little Bit of Housekeeping: Establishing Community Guidelines

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Dear green thumbs, fingers and toes, flower kissers and bee whispering Gardeners of Hive - it's time for a little bit of housekeeping in the community!


As our community grows, fertilised by growing rewards and community engagement, we're getting more and more posts in the community, which is fantastic.

We'll always upvote and reblog the best content here and support you through opportunities to join in challenges and engagement initiatives.

However, as we grow, we need to establish a few guidelines to make the Hive Garden experience enjoyable for both you and the curators.

We've updated the rules in the community, but let's clear a few things up.

English Language - Only?

Actually, this was the simplest way to say it, but we're not actually against dual language.

We totally love the global Hive and reading about gardens from all over the world.

BUT we're against spending too much time reading and deciphering content that can be super messy if you are trying to get things across in both languages. Some big curators won't even vote on content that doesn't have English so this is also something to keep in mind.

Some of the old time users here do it really well and make our lives easier, so if we don't mute their posts, it's because they are easier to read.

So, how do you do that?

Firstly, make sure the title is English only. You can write a title in your own language in the short preview description if you like.

Secondly, write the whole post in English first - you can then write your own language if you like. That means the curators don't have to scroll down to find the curation. Yes, we can use the translate tool BUT you must understand we are all time poor so we just have to say English only unless you are formatting as suggested above!

If you still aren't sure, check out this post by @attnn that's written in both French and English. We're perfectly happy with this kind of thing - neat and easy to navigate.

Harvest Update

Low Effort Posts

We are beginning to see some posts with a single image or blurry images, and only a few sentences. Unfortunately short form posts aren't really our thing - it's unfair to upvote a shortform when some people go to a lot of effort and deserve the support more. So we may mute you in that case.

No offence.

Be kind and considerate

Most gardeners are just gorgeous, friendly, kind people. But every now and then we get a grumpy one, or one that doesn't bother to engage or might even beg for upvotes. We're just not into that kinda thing, so we'll probably mute you if you can't be nice.

Don't forget to engage with others - try to comment on at least two posts for every one you write.

And now to the fun stuff...

  • Do you write regularly in the community but don't have a Peakd badge? Drop a comment under one of @riverflows garden posts and she'll get right on it.
  • Don't forget to join in on our various challenges - you'll find them pinned in the community. They're a fun way to get to know people and you can win Hive too.
  • Want a special banner like the one below? Send riverflows#4691 a photo on Discord or put it as a comment on one of her gardening posts and she'll make you a special one or few too!


Thankyou to all of you that continue to be amazing members of this community!

The HIVE GARDEN COMMUNITY supports gardening, homesteading, cannabis growers, permaculture and other garden or botanical related content. Delegations to the curation account, @gardenhive, are welcome! Find our community here!

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I liked the bit about low effort posts. I don't think I've ever seen one from this community, we all love to share our gardens, farms and homesteads so much that it's hard to stop🤣

Thank you very much for the clarifications for future publications in the community. I'm a newbie and this kind of informative post from the community always come in handy. Regards

 2 years ago  

💚🌱 We welcome you with green hands!

Thank you with green heart too. 💚💚💚

Thank you for the guidelines. Very helpful and informative for a newbie like me.🙏

 2 years ago  

The community is getting so busy! It's never fun to enforce rules, but it can get messy and hard work if left as a free for all. Hopefully we don't end up muting too often.

@tipu curate 3

 2 years ago  

We love all the gardeners on Hive, but as you say, rules help the community be a more pleasant and user friendly place to be. 💚🌱

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I understand about the double language, however I can not stop using my native language (Spanish), because many of those who read my posts speak it and it is the case of some curators, that in order to opt for one of their votes I need the post to have the same amount of letters in Spanish as in English.
As for English, there are curators who vote or take into account that the post is written in English, you also mention it above.

However, it is good what you mention, to order everything in a way that is more comfortable for the reader.

My question is the following, for me honestly it is more comfortable to read with quotation marks (>), sometimes what is quoted is the translation or the native language, then I understand that I should read one of the two (only the one that interests me), but I see that for you it is not, I am not the one to contradict you. However there is another very comfortable post modeling, which would be:

English left side, Spanish right side, could be an option???? Oh it should just be like the post examples from (attnn), first English and then Spanish, fully spaced.?

Texto en español

Text in English

 2 years ago  

We totally understand this, and that's why we said we'd rather you wrote in a way that's easier for the reader, which is us! So it might be easier for you to read it one way, but it's not for us, so we have to make some rules to make our life easier and so we can support you better.

Personally, we find that writing the content in English first, then Spanish, is much easier for us to read.

It's really hard to read columns - especially on a mobile, so hard that often we just skip those.

Reading a paragraph in Spanish, then Englihs, then Spanish, then English, is also hard on the brain! So we ask you not to do this either. I hope you understand. We do appreciate the Hispanic content on Hive. :)

Okay, then I will start modeling the posts as recommended, first in English and then in Spanish.

I have a question, to get the bandge I must write you in a post, can I opt for one?
I know my content may not be the best, but I try to make it informative on many occasions, sometimes it can take me 2 weeks to do one as having the pictures from seeds to young plants takes me that long.

 2 years ago  

We can organise a badge 💚🌱

Thanks for this , I am new here and this is community guidelines gives a good understanding of steps to take.

I feel really bad that I didn't read the rules and they muted my post. I am really sorry, I am grateful that you exist here to share what I love, which is gardening and planting.

Everything will be better.

Thank you very much for publishing this information, I will keep it in mind for my future publications.

🌱 Greetings to all hive gardeners!

 2 years ago  

Hi, I don't know how I missed this post. But anyway it is very good information. I always wonder how you manage to read two parts of a post in dual language. (I was thinking too much work for you people) greetings.😊🙏

 2 years ago  

Thanks for being ever considerate and kind 💚🌱

 last year  

I just found this Community today and I am glad to find this amazing community about gardening.

I am happy to be here and I hope I can share and learn more here.

I was introduced to this great community by a fellow hiver and decided to make my first garden post in the today.

Hi! I'm back on Hive after a long time of illness. I have a brand new garden that I am developing and I'm really excited that I also have a new resource to help me in the shape of #HiveGarden. I'll certainly be posting my efforts over the coming months! :)

Also important information @pixelhuntersam, @lex-zaiya. Please note.

Loud and clear on the rules!

Hola soy nueva por acá en hive, para publicar por primera vez en esta comunidad debo cumplir con algún requisito específico?

Looks like it is going to be a fun gardening journey here. I'll sure get in touch about the banner :)

Thanks for this kind of post, I'm new here and it's a big help for me
Now I can understand how to obey the rules

These pieces of information are beneficial to me. Thank you for sharing.

Good thing I read the rules first.

But I have a question tho, do we get to post videos from our gardens? @gardenhive

Thankd for the information on the community guidelines, @gardenhive

I have gone through the communities guidelines and ready to abide by them. Thanks. Expect my first post soon. But, don't forget to correct me where needed @gardenhive

Have a nice and A Green day. Can you send me the link of the gardering discord, please?