The Weekly #CreativeGarden Challenge!

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Weeeeeeelllll that was fun! It was SO good to see so many entries in this week's #creativegarden challenge! Here's hoping next week will be as amazing! The 'conversation with an insect' prompt resulted in some funny and very sweet conversations with all kinds of bugs and slugs. One thing was certain - us gardeners might get mad at bugs, but we don't like to kill them and we see them as a necessary part of the ecosystem.


Before you scroll down for the prompt, a quick thankyou to the following entrants:

Two Pairs of Eyes by @sofs-su
What's that You Said by @owasco
Headbuttig a Rhinocerous by @hadrianwild
Converstion with Sticky by @trucklife-family
Slug Life by @riverflows

I was quite moved by @hadrianwild's story about reminscing with a rhino beetle. He'd fondly remembered a drive one day with all the bugs dying against his visor. The beetle forces the reader, and the human, to shift perspective as he asks us to think about the dead:

"So, human, where are they now?"

I sit on the roadside gawping at the insect on my hand, shocked by the question. Or at least shocked to be asked a question at all. I look around at the land of our shared garden, taken and managed by us, but lived in by him. Having finally reached the tip of my fingers he waves his front legs in the air, lifts the hangar and unfurls his mighty wings.

"Come on, answer. Where have they all gone, human? WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE?"

How poignant! It really forces us to contemplate the value of life, even if it appears to be a lowly insect.


This week, therefore, it's @hadrianwild who wins 2 HIVE plus 75 percent of the post rewards.

Let's Move On To This Week's Creative Challenge...

The trick is to write CREATIVELY and BE creative. For example:

  • Showcase a creative response to a problem in your garden
  • Write a story of any genre that features a garden somewhere in the story
  • Write a creative non fiction post about a garden memory
  • Draw, paint, sculpt, write a poem
  • Write a comedy script
  • Write from the perspective of an animal or a tool in your garden!


  • Posts should contain only ONE image. This is a writing challenge not a photo challenge
  • No more than 800 words
  • Publish in the community
  • Use #creativegarden as your first tag
  • Refer back to this challenge at the END of your post
  • Reblog this if you can
  • Comment on other people's posts in the Hive Garden community.
  • Check the COUNTDOWN timer on - no late entries

This is a great opportunity for those in the northern hemisphere who might be shutting down their gardens for winter, and still want to write on #gardening topics.

🐝🌷🍄🍃🍎This Week's Prompt🌿🌼🌱🍓

Write on EITHER the image, the prompt, or BOTH.

Prompt: - - Garden of Imprints: How have the people in your life left their mark on your garden?


Image by tollisen on Unsplash

Don't forget to follow the community rules - and most of all, have fun!

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oops...I did not make it to the list. 🙃

Let me run along and prepare my entry for this week's prompt. I hope I won't break any rules this time ..hehehe

Congratulations @hadrianwild 😇

Many thanks. Well, I will look forward to your entry, rules followed or broken!

Hehehehe.. thank you.

 3 months ago  

Congrats @hadrianwild
Thanks @riverflows for the mention
This is my entry for this week's creative garden challenge

Wow, that's great, thank you so much! I am so grateful for the reaction to my half-true little story (I was caught by vast swarms of insects on a motorbike once but the rhino beetle just missed me!). Well done to all the entrants, I look forward to more creative writing from you and others in this special community.

 3 months ago  

Every story has a kernel - or a horn - of truth!

"Horny entry" - that confused me for a moment! Thanks! 😂

 3 months ago  


Congratulations to all the honourable mentions.🤗
Hopefully, no rules will be broken this time. I had to fix on my glasses really well for this. Lol
Can I please get a tag next time, River? I'd really love to keep participating.

You broke rules last week? I did too.. hehehehe.

Hello friends, this is my entry weekly:

Creativegarden | Imprints in my garden

Hugs 🤗🌿🌸

How many days will this expire? or when is the deadline? I would like to join to weekly contests as well

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