The Weekly #CreativeGarden Challenge!

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This week's #creativegarden challenge is about 12 hours late - truth be told, I was too busy surfing and gardening had a migraine actually - truth - wrote the whole post and lost it, which resulted in me having a hissy fit and postponing this post until I could do some gardening to calm down so I could attempt it again.

Loved the past week's entries - there was a LOT of good vibes around the family that contributed to our gardening story. Thanks for everyone who entered!

Oh, and one thing I've been noticing is that no one writes on the image! Just a reminder you can choose JUST the image as the prompt, without responding to the written prompt - or use BOTH as inspiration. It's up to you!


Before you scroll down for the prompt, a quick thankyou to the following entrants:

Garden from Giants by @hadrianwild

Pick at my garden's seams and they will unravel back through so many lives I never knew. To say that they are "people in my life" is stretching things and yet the more I mull, the more true it feels. No, our eyes never met, but those time-stitches that bind us are the deeds that made a garden. I know those people from what they left me: the form and function of my sanctuary. And perhaps, one day, I too will be part of a giant. And future folk will look back at us and wonder.

Imprints in My Garden by @alborhada
The Aftermath of the Impact by @sofs-su

Dad gave me a small space within the garden to do want I want there. He helped me plant not just the Zinnias, he taught me how a flower grows from a tiny seed. Dad taught me to water the seeds and care for them from the age of five. "Neglect your plants and they'll die," dad often reminded me. I chose pink zinnias as a border for the grass and he made a tiny fence from bamboo which he painted in white for me. The grass I grew wasn't enough for my rabbits but I felt proud that I could contribute to their upkeep.

The Memories Imprinted Never to Be Forgotton by @iskawrites
A Wee Bit of Gardening by @jhymi

But as expected, it’s impossible to do something for long without falling in love with it in the process. I don’t know when exactly it happened, but I think it’s a build-up. A build-up of all those beautiful moments. Working together and singing loudly at the top of our voices (Mom and I were the alto singers), fighting when someone’s work portion seemed to infringe on the other’s, crying and laughing at each other when one or more of us got stung by an insect....the likes.

It's really hard as usual to reward just one person, but I must. If you won in the last few weeks, I try to choose someone different, so please don't think it's because I didn't think your post was worth it! It's just the nature of a prize I guess! This week, it's @jhymi who wins 2 HIVE plus 75 percent of the post rewards.

Let's Move On To This Week's Creative Challenge...

The trick is to write CREATIVELY and BE creative. For example:

  • Showcase a creative response to a problem in your garden
  • Write a story of any genre that features a garden somewhere in the story
  • Write a creative non fiction post about a garden memory
  • Draw, paint, sculpt, write a poem
  • Write a comedy script
  • Write from the perspective of an animal or a tool in your garden!


  • Posts should contain only ONE image. This is a writing challenge not a photo challenge
  • No more than 800 words
  • Publish in the community
  • Use #creativegarden as your first tag
  • Refer back to this challenge at the END of your post
  • Reblog this if you can
  • Comment on other people's posts in the Hive Garden community.
  • Check the COUNTDOWN timer on - no late entries

This is a great opportunity for those in the northern hemisphere who might be shutting down their gardens for winter, and still want to write on #gardening topics.

🐝🌷🍄🍃🍎This Week's Prompt🌿🌼🌱🍓

Write on EITHER the image, the prompt, or BOTH.

Prompt: - Water


Image by ave calvar on Unsplash

Don't forget to follow the community rules - and most of all, have fun!

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Thank you so much to the Garden community for selecting my post as the winning post. And cheers to the other selected posts as well.🌺

Well deserved, congratulations!

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the lucky winners 🏆

Congratulations @jhymi 🥳🥳

I supported a few community members in the early hours of the afternoon

Here's my entry for this week's prompt

I have been away a lot from this beautiful community and the valuable content that comes from it.

Motivated by those lyrics you share from other posts, I will gladly participate in this round.

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Congrats @jhymi
This is the link to my submission for this week's #creativegarden challenge
May the best writer win!! Hehe