Garden Journal: Removing Wild Grass and Vegetable Checking Activities

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We like to grow different types of plants and vegetables that help us all. This is especially good when there is a large area to plant. In this Garden Journal article, I will share the activities here in my simple Garden. I thought about getting rid of the wild weeds that were destroying my crops. I also checked the other vegetables to see if they were not inhabited by Appids, because they damage the crops so I thought I would check if there were any. I am happy because my vegetables grew healthy also with the help of the organic fertilizer I used.

It is very important to plant vegetables in the area because it is also one of the things that helps us all, especially in the needs of our Family. One of my plants here in my Simple garden is monggo seeds, Our area is as good as monggo seeds cultivation because of soil fertilizer such as withered leaves and so on. First of all, I made a garden plot so that the vegetables to be planted would be more beautiful and grow easily.


I checked the Monggo seeds last week and their tube is about 2 inches. Early this morning, I thought to check again the new tubes of mongo seeds. It's about 3 inches tall and all I have to do is always add organic fertilizer such as saw dust and dead leaves and grass from the compost pit I made. I also keep the soil that I planted cultivated so that they can grow easily.

I forgot to water the plants yesterday but it rained so hard that my plants and vegetables got watered. But when I water the plants I use a water sprinkler, it's good to not break or damage the mongo seeds tree. Soils will also not be washed away because only a small amount of water is released from the water sprinkler.


The first mongo seeds that I planted have grown and grown and I think it will bear fruit next month. It is better for us to eat and sell in the market, Kilo of Monggo Seeds is very expensive so I thought of planting it. They have grown and it is necessary to really watch so that animals such as goats and cows do not eat it.

Even though my vegetables are so lush and big, it is still necessary to use a water sprinkler to water them. It is easy to break the mango stem when its stems are still green.


These are also the Sugar canes I planted last month. Its leaves have grown and grown and its growth is healthy. It is really necessary to sprinkle water with crushed chili to get rid of insects such as ants that live here. I also kept the soil soft so it would grow easily and the nutrients and water would be easily absorbed under the soil due to the soft and pulverized soil.


Due to the recent heavy rains, some of the newly sprouted Okras were broken and others were covered in soil due to the broken Okras. Even though I put a shield but it was still a bit damaged, because of this I thought of making a garden net so that the water does not directly hit the plant.


My Lemon Grass plants have also flourished. I have also thought about growing a lot of it to sell in the Market. Lemon grass is one of the main ingredients in cooking tinola fish. It also grows and grows easily, especially when the soil it is planted in is fertile.


It is also necessary to cultivate the area around my eggplant crop so that it can grow easily, to care for it, it is necessary to remove dry leaves and cut stems that are inhabited by worms. Because it damages the crops and the eggplants will not bear fruit. Because of this, extra care must be taken.

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Mongoose is one of the easiest to grow and care for.

That is true sir. 😊