Closer to Ready - February 25, 2024 @goldenoakfarm

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Dining room view crop Feb. 2024.jpg

Sunday morning I was up early and got my 2 posts up. I got a load of dishes in and chores done and by 9:30AM I was ready to start transcribing plant notes from 2023.

I worked at the dining room table and this was the view most of the day. Because of my memory issues, I make notes every time I work in the gardens, about plants, work done, and other info.

On my seed starting charts I like to track the progress of the plants from start to finish so I have a good idea of what worked and what didn’t and maybe even why. So, I was transcribing my scribbles to the start sheets before I started adding this year’s notes.

Transcribing plant notes crop Feb. 2024.jpg

There are around 90 different sheets that may have multiple notes over the season. I didn’t make a huge amount of notes last year and was able to finish this job by 4PM.

Clivia flowers crop Feb. 2024.jpg

Clivia flowers opening

Peace lily flowers crop Feb. 2024.jpg

Peace lily flowers

On Monday I have laundry to do, clean up the kitchen, exercise class, and I should try to start the inventory so I will know what I need to order for seed starting. I have enough for the first couple times, but don’t know about the other 4.

I remembered in the night I had already ordered the seed starting mix in December when they had a discount running. I think it’s due to be delivered in March. All the seeds have come in except a few backordered ones. So it will be counting peat pots mostly. If I have the energy, I might get out the shelving materials so my helper can bring them upstairs on Wednesday for setting up.


A good day’s work done! Some flowers have opened up to greet you. I still wait for some bulbs to grow up and flower.

I love the way you organize things around you and this makes it easier for you plus you don't joke with your exercises.
The Clivia is beautifully coloured.


Sorry to ask you but why do you fix Mondays for cleaning, laundry and all?
I think Monday is supposed to be a busy day and also for work
That’s how it is here though

Well there was an old nursery rhyme:

I don’t know how much that plays into it, but
Monday was laundry day…

Hard work really pays, I hope you are able to get a bountiful harvest after all these troubles.

 2 months ago  

The clivia looks lovely!

The flower stalk will get taller and the color more vivid as it gets farther along.