Garden Update For The End Of May

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So, so is how I would describe the progress of my garden since last update. There has not been very much growth the past 12 days. I should of knew better to go with soil with the fertilizer in it. That stuff is crap. It seems that my young seedlings are not liking it at all. Let me show you what I am talking about, and perhaps I can get some good input on what to do. Assuming that there is something I can do besides just to wait it out.

First let me say the weather has been on the cold side, with a few days that where optimal. I still would expect to see more growth than this. I should of went with the Pro-Mix. Or should of just skipped on the compost, and waited to apply it when they were bigger.

I could just start over again, but I already gifted my extras. So I am stuck with my mistake. Lesson learned. I just have to wait it out, and hope for the best. Perhaps I can leach the soil?

In other news I made the call, and put the Yellow Watermelons in the ground, along with 1 onion. Yes, and the same mistake was made with the crappy soil. FAIL! Note to self: DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN!

Some decent growth was going on with this one above. But disaster struck the next day. Like it usually does when I start to fell good about something...

When I saw it from the distance I thought a Snail got ahold of it, but it seems a bird snapped it at the base. Same thing happened to a Pumpkin seedling at home. Will it grow back again without a set of leaves? Or should I just give up on it, and plan to put something else in its place?

In some great news the Radishes are doing great! These went into the Pro-Mix, and we did not really add much to them, besides a little Cal Mag here, and there.

My son made the call to pull it out of the ground. It came out perfect! I thought it would be a cool idea to gift it to his teacher,since the seeds where started at school. It was the last day of school too. Why gift a Apple when you can gift a Radish, ;)

The other one is still in the ground, and will get pulled tonight. I did not realize how fast these grew! I need to plant more ASAP!

In other good news my flowers are doing great! If the garden fails, at least it will look pretty. LOL.

Then of course the Garlic is still going strong. The Gopher must of packed up its bags due to the Snake, which I still see almost everyday. So that is what is currently going on. Not so bad. Not so good. A so, so start. It is still early in the season. But I do need to get this bed filled up. Once I get some more ProMix I will finish putting the rest of the Onions in the ground. Besides that I need to get my Glass Corn started as well. So still lots of stuff to do. Not sure if the Corn will go on the side again, or in the garden. Ill think about that this Weekend, and implement it in the coming week. So stay tuned my friends!


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Like it usually does when I start to fell good about something.

That's why we practice non attachment - don't get attached to joy, as it quickly is replaced by heartbreak, ennui, depression, blah, etc - then bam! Here's the joy again. Happiness is never constant. Buddha in the veggie patch.

I always find that the start of the season can be slow and you think everything failed then BAM... More than you can deal with.

Why gift a Apple when you can gift a Radish,

Haha and above all else, a sense of humour prevails!

That is some great advice! I do have a bad habit of growing attached to whatever has roots lol. Back in the day when I cloned cannabis I had a bad habit of keeping to many of them due to the attachment.

Hopefully it warms up and I have more to show on the next update :)

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It will - I hate the slow starts!!!

This beat fruit is really tempting, especially if I harvest it myself @jonyoudyer

I harvest the 2nd one and I think we let it go too long. It was very bitter

your son is such a smart and kind lad. Wishing you a bountiful planting season/harvest. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words!