Putting The Pumpkins In The Ground!

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One day at a time. That is the speed of the garden life. One day. Daylight, and night time. The cycle never stops, and you must move with it. For some this means more than others. Perhaps you live in an area where Winter comes early, and when it comes, it hits hard! So one day can really mean a lot. Especially when 1 day lost can turn into multiple days needed in order to finish. Time is valuable. Which is why I am ecstatic to be moving along this grow season, and finally putting something in the ground.

Hi everyone! I am back at you with another update. 6 days ago I decided to bring some Pumpkins over to work, in order to get them in the ground. You can view that post here. However I felt not completely ready to do so. I was feeling a little uneasy about the Gopher, and also a little unsure about the soil. The soil really is not good at all, and TBH trucking in some would be the most ideal thing to do to start from scratch. When I was pulling weeds, I was having a hard time since in some areas the dirt is hard as a rock. This is probably why my Peppers dis so crappy last year.

But even bad soil will not stop me, and those Gophers are the ones who should be feeling uneasy! My friend has been very active the last few days. I went from not seeing any Snakes for a few years, to seeing this one every other day. As far as the bad soil goes, I figured I would at least supplement it with some decent bag soil.

They way I am going about it, is to dig a hole, and then fill it up with the bag soil. At least the start's will have a chance to get strong, and healthy before reaching its roots into the poor soil.

Before I began to put the Pumpkins in the ground, I cut the bottom of the Jiffy pot.

This way the roots will have contact with the Mykos I applied in my transplant hole.(Yes this is what she said;))

In she goes!

I then put a thick layer of my recently finished Compost, and then covered with the poor dirt. Then of course watered generously with a splash of Rhizo Blast.

So far I just put 2 Jack-O-Lantern's, and 2 Big Max in the ground. I have a few more in Jiffy Pots, just in case the Snails get to these. I will save room in the garden for my Yellow Pumpkins, and Onions. Perhaps something else, but not sure what. The Glass Corn perhaps, or maybe some more Peppers. I know I need to hurry up on my decision. Even though our Winters are very mild, I still can not waste any day's.

I am so stoked my flowers are doing great! Only thing is now I feel like the Pumpkins might get in the way. This is when planning gets in the way of not planning. But I am sure my idea will come to light, and it will make for a nice site for the eyes. :)

Well that is all for now. Next up will be the Yellow Pumpkins, and Onions into the ground. Also I need to get on the Glass Corn, and begin to germinate. I am really lagging on that. Another thing I am thinking of is to lay some mulch. I was told last year to lay some hay, but I am afraid that will be blown away on a windy day. What do you think? Also if you think mulch is a good idea, is there any particular kind I should consider to get? Please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next update.


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I've recently made a rule to go in the garden at least once a day and do something, EVEN if it's just pulling a couple of weeds or checking for bugs Today I planted some swede seeds and went and collapsed on the couch. Some days it's hard to not waste a day espec if you aren't feeling great.

I can't even imagine contending with a gopher!

I can relate with that! What is swede?

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I think you call them rutabaga?

I've been holding off on planting anything else in my garden right now because we are still getting frost. I can't say I would be happy to see a snake in my garden. It would be hard not to want to kill it, they freak me out! I'd probably let it go knowing it might take care of the mice I have around my shed. I am hoping to put a cherry tomato plan it before June hits. It looks like your garden is coming along really well!

Thank you! And I can't lie, it freaks me out too! Just the way they move is just erie. It has a temper as well. Pretty fascinating creature really. If it makes us feel this way, imagine what a rodent fells. At least I hope they fill intimated lol

Haha, I hope so too. With the woods behind our house we have far too many critters. I've actually ever only seen one snake at our house which is kind of surprising.

in my country, Indonesia, pumpkins can grow healthily without special care. and when i saw you gardening then i saw that long animal.. my mind and soul would just say run away

I imagine Pumpkins love the humid weather you all have. And I have to say my mind and soul also did the first thing when I first saw the snake. It is such a rare occurrence they show themselves, and it felt almost like a dream.