Surrounded By Melons, Keeping The Melancholy At Bay!

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Hello fellow Garden Nerds! Now that 10 days has past since last post I have more to share. It really is amazing how fast things can move when you get a good start. Knock on wood. I know how easily good can turn into bad. That is just how it goes, and you have to move 1 day at a time. Lets take a look at what has happened since the last update.

First let's take a look at the Pumpkins. These were among the batch of seeds I germinated. As soon as I put them into dirt they exploded in growth. I have 2 different varietals, Jack-O-Lantern, and Big Max.

I also had Onion seed in that first batch. I did not have the greatest luck with the germination process, and threw the seed in dirt anyway. Turns out this is the way I should of went about it to begin with. I now have 5 starts! However they are growing a bit slow, and I think putting them into the ground, or bigger pots will fix that.

Here is the 5th Onion start, that was a complete accident. It must of been in the roots of the Watermelon I put into this pot. Which unfortunately I ripped trying to pry the seed off the tip of the leaves. Since I have enough melons this is something I am actually happy about.

When I first started germination, I completely forgot about the Yellow Watermelon seeds from last year. After putting the first batch of seed into dirt, I began the Yellow Watermelons. This is why I am not upset about losing my Watermelons. I need all the room I have to grow all these Melons.

The Radishes my son started are also blowing up! He keeps telling me they are ready since he sees that red, but he is learning to be patient.

This pic pic shows what I deal with in regards to catching the Sun. This gets bigger all the way till the end of July, and then starts to recede till the middle of September, then after that no more Sun until next Spring.

My routine to get all these ready for the garden bed at work has consisted of putting these out on the back porch during the day.

Then under the desk lamp during the night.

But now I think it is time to take things up a notch!

Yesterday I packed the Pumpkins in a paper bag, and brought them to work. I will be putting them into the ground! But before I do that, I need to do some prep work.



I had to pull some weeds. I do have to say I am a little nervous. The Gopher, or Gophers are forsure around this area this year.

After I was finished with the weeds I grabbed a hose, and flooded the tunnels. I have had luck doing this once. It is not very effective, but it was worth a shot. I may just put a wire mesh around the root balls when I do the transfer into the ground.

As far as the Radishes go, I will keep these at home so my son can keep an eye on them.

We put them into a pot, and I decided to rip the Jiffy Pot off the rootball. This way the Reddish can grow freely.

I figured both could do well in the same pot.

The Yellow Watermelons, and the Onions will stick around a little longer until they grow bigger. And since I have quite a few Pumpkins, I will gift a couple of the seedlings to someone I know.

Well that is all for now. Can not wait to see what happens in the next 10 days! The Garlic is doing so good right now, and got a good chunk of Compost. Which the Pumpkins will get as well once they go into the ground. Next up is to get the Glass Corn started. I am not sure if I will do them in the garden bed this year. But I forsure will try to get more up this season then last. So far everything is looking great, and now that I am growing, I am more happy these days. Not to say I wasn't, but gardening really brings me joy. This is just a fact of life. If you're reading this, and have been in the dumps, go get a pot, some dirt, and some seeds. Grow a flower, a vegetable, or a herb. Grow anything! I guarantee you will see a change in your mood:) If your not so sure where, or how to start, please reach out to me, or anyone here on Hive.


Wow, everything looks amazing. Hopefully, everything will grow well in the coming days. Good luck with that @jonyoudyer.

Thank you! Once I put them in the ground, Snails will be the biggest worry. 🤞

You're welcome. All the best for that hopefully they won't bother them. 🤞

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Cool! Thank you:)

These garlics have a good stalk. I tried it last year and didn't get it. I think I watered them too much. Good luck.

That's good to know, thanks!

Wow, very nice! I have some garlic in the ground that I put in last fall, but I am going to try to get a tomato plant in one of my buckets this year. I also want to get some flowers planted around them so the bees can get them pollinating. I'd love to do some more zucchini, but I usually get so much of that from friends we don't need extra.

Nice! I planted my garlic in Jan since we don't have to many nights below freezing. Zucchini does sound nice, might have to think about that as well.

Looking good, getting your garden up and going. I have to get some more seeds in the ground too, grow season's here :)

Nice bro, I’ll be doing more as well:)

Looks good bro! I hope the garlic does good for you. Not sure how hardnecks will do in your area but I'm definitely interested!

The only thing I. Worried about is the soil, but they seem good

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In this image of yours, the plant looks like a pumpkin! ^_^

I got pumpkins and yellow watermelons:)

 5 months ago  

Ohhhh... Okay! ^_^
But that yellow Watermelon, wow! I have never seen a seed of that and I have never tried to grow it.

My wife was seeing a lot of people on Tic Tok talking about how good the YW was, and she bought some seed online. It is going to be interesting!

 5 months ago  

Interesting! I will find it online now, I hope it is available here. Haha.