Off to the Ranch #37: Don't touch my Holy Compost!

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Heeeyho Readers! More updates from our little ranch!

Thou heard it right! Don't touch my Holy Compost, the soil of Gods. Such fine earth shoulde be used to feed the flowerest of the flowers and only that. The organiest humus of 'em all shalt nourish the blooms in heaven. Period.

Explanation: I might have cultivated the best humus at the ranch so far (at least for my noobie expertise), hence the excitement. No exaggeration. How hurtful is it to spend months building the perfect compost to just throw it under a plant? One gotta hold it, and scrub it in the hands, smell it, and finally hub it on the face to completely feel the scent of fresh earth {errrr no thanks}. The result after months of waiting turned out humuslongously fantastic after I decided to sift a portion for my mom's flowers.


Organic compost

This compost started in early May with a pile of grass clippings, chicken poop and kitchen waste. I later added cow dung, fallen dry leaves, banana leaves, and kept adding kitchen waste into the box.

You can check this compost's evolution on Off to the Ranch 32, 33, 35 and 36

It then sat from August until now, mainly because I stopped visiting the ranch during the rainy months — and 'cause dad is not so keen to wallowing in a box of dirt.


First uncovering the box


After mixing

First uncovering the box since August didn't feel so promising. The compost felt dry and not as decomposed as I hoped for. So, it's time to work on it. I start mixing, which reveals the bottom portion closest to the ground (the box has no bottom; it's opened to the ground). Moisture fells alright once the compost is turned upside down.

I keep on mixing until it's homogeneous. There are larger pieces of branch and leaves, but, mostly, it looks like soil now. I spare some into the right side of the box and leave the less decomposed portion on the left. That is how I keep a continuous flow of compost coming out ready to use.

It's just another compost post... until I decided to bring the sifter. Never before have I sifted the compost to see how it turns out. Holy smokes!



I could hear the sifted soil hitting the blue half barrel as the clumps broke down. Our sifter is about the perfect size; not to thin, nor too large. Scrubbing the compost left and right aided in breaking down harder clumps. What didn't pass through went back into the compost box.



The result is exactly like industrial ones, except I'm 100% sure of the composition in mine. {shoulder tap}. Whether that's good is yet to be discovered though {laughs of fear} — I hope mom's flowers don't die.

The Science

Is there any? I briefly searched the web about the benefits of sifting the compost or to discover if sifting is necessary nonetheless. Here are the bullet points:

  • Sifting separates uncomposed matter from the ready-to-use soil
  • Breaks down clumps, which helps in aeration later on
  • The resulted loose soil is excellent for water retention
  • Sifted compost is better for finer seeds and flowers

Do you sift your compost?

I'm wondering though: What the fellow Hivers do about their compost. Do you sift? Is it necessary? Waste of time?



The sole conclusion on this post is that handling compost is satisfying as fuck! Next step is to transfer some of the sexy compost to my mom's flowers and let them grow strong. I'll report back once that is done.

Until then, happy composting!


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 3 months ago  

Doing your own compost is so satisfying. Your mother’s plant will sing you praises. I do not sift mine but take out large debris if needed,

 3 months ago  

It is THE most satisfying task at the ranch xD
I found kinda useful to sift to separate stuff that is not fully decomposed to throw back into the bin. But only when using on the flowers

 3 months ago  

The sifter is a great idea. I may just make one to make things easier on myself. ♥

 3 months ago  


 3 months ago  

Compost is CRAZY satisfying. I'm going to add to mine RIGHT NOW. Nah no sifting. Sod that (good pun hey) that's too labour intensive

 3 months ago  

I'll have to sift through all the experiences here to decide what to do 🤣🤣

There's no way i'm sifting the whole box unless it's to spare a bag or two for the flowers. Indee quite some work

I love the soil, it looks full of nutrients and minerals.

 3 months ago  

Yeaaaah! I hope it is and the plants love it

I think you're the first person I've seen on here doing this!

 3 months ago  

🤣🤣 I just like the noise of soil going through the sifter into the barrel below

@tipu curate 4


 3 months ago  

Yoyoyo how's everything over there?

 3 months ago  

Holy shit! I spend a few days without checking Hive and everything's happened 🤣
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