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Hey there my Hive friends and followers!

It has already been two weeks since our lovely daughter Flora was born and it has also been two weeks since my last post here on Hive, which is definitely the longest break I have ever taken from posting since I joined this community six years ago.

First of all guys, let me thank you all for the incredible response to my post where I informed you about the arrival of Flora. It was just a brief and spontaneous free write that didn´t even make much sense as I was writing it still in the hospital, totally overwhelmed by all the emotions, but your feedback was absolutely breathtaking and heartwarming. There is more than 200 comments under that post and I thank you so much guys for all the lovely words, congratulations, wishes and encouragement.

Now, two weeks later, I´m here with another little update. So how are we faring? Well, it has been tough. Tougher than we could ever imagine but we are trying and doing our best. We are not the youngest parents for sure but it´s our first baby so everything is new to us. As some of you know, me and my wife have been living very free and light-hearted nomadic lifestyle with practically zero obligations and commitments for more than a decade but now there is this tiny little human that needs us and that we are responsible for. That´s a big change. Moreover, as I mentioned in the previous post, the delivery was far from smooth so during the first days, I actually had to take care of both my wife and our daughter. It´s much better already as my wife has been recovering amazingly but it will take a lot more time before she heals completely, both physically and psychologically.

As for the parenting itself, they say that the postpartum period (the first six weeks after the birth) is an emotional roller coaster and we can already say that it´s totally true and apt. I know it mostly applies to the mothers of course but I realized that I never was this mentally unstable in my life as I have been these days. The emotions vary greatly from fears, concerns and frustrations to pure joy, elation and happiness. Sometimes, it feels like the most amazing experience in the world but at other times, for example when we are totally exhausted both physically and mentally, I have doubts if we are good parents or will ever be and I also miss our old life sometimes. Then, I regret those thoughts of course as I know that our daughter is the biggest blessing of our lives. So yeah, an emotional roller coaster indeed but we can already feel that it gets a bit better every day and we know that in a few months, we will be much more mature, experienced and mentally stable than we are now.

While we sometimes question our parenting skills, Little Flora (we actually call her Florinka or Florecita) definitely has been amazing at being a baby :) She was very little when she was born but she has been really trying to make up for that and her doctor is very impressed by how fast she has been growing and putting on weight. I´m sure that she will soon be our little big girl :)

Here are some pictures of our Florecita. She cannot tell us yet if she wants her face to be known here on Hive or not so we decided to cover it with little hibiscus emojis ;) Oh and talking about hibiscus...











...talking about hibiscus, here is another picture that I would like to share with you. We were actually very indecisive when choosing the name for our daughter. We had to go through literally hundreds of different names during my wife´s pregnancy and after a lot of arguments and selecting, we ended up with what we called the "Final Five" and those were: Maya, Jasmina, Luna, Flora and Izabela. There, however, we got really stuck and we couldn´t decide which one will be the right one. And then, just a few days before my wife went into labor, this hibiscus that we have had since we moved to Prague (more than 1.5 year ago) and never bloomed before, it suddenly bloomed like this...


We are not overly superstitious or something but in our situation, that moment really felt like a sign that Mother Nature wanted our daughter to be named Flora so we agreed on that name ;) Hopefully, she will like it. I think she will hehe :)

So that´s it for the first part of this post I guess and now a few lines about my future Hive engagement. As I already mentioned above, I really hope to have a bit more time for Hive gradually as we keep learning the ropes of parenting and the first thing I would like to do is to resume my regular contests. Some of you already asked about it and I hope to resume both my Monday tipping contest and my Thursday nature photography challenge from next week on. I did evaluate and pick the winners of the last rounds of both of these regular initiatives so hopefully, we can continue smoothly with nobody being deprived of any prize.

Other than my weekly contests, I would also like to post at least one more post every week, be it a real life update like this one or some travel / photography post from places that I haven´t got to write about yet. I still have a lot of cool unpublished photo material from Madeira, Prague, Krakow and other interesting locations but I don´t know if I find enough time to work on those long overdue posts. Will see. As for curation, I hope to be able to curate manually every day (including giving out my TipU votes), at least in my feed and in my favorite communities but I cannot promise the amount of engagement (especially comments) that I used to keep before. Thanks for understanding guys ;)

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Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Traveling, Photography, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Sport, Fitness and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving, guys! :)


Our Florecita!🤍🌺

Než se nadějeme, bude s náma sedět v letadle :) Musíme jí toho tolik ukázat...

Aké spokojné bábätko 😍 Ale predokladám, že nie je stále taká spokojná 😂

Všetci prvorodičia majú podobné myšlienky, a predsa to vždy zvládnu a u vás to bude určite rovnako. A predpokladám, že nedostatok spánku pochybovaniu tiež nepomáha.

Veľmi sa mi páči ako ste ten ibištek zobrali ako znamenie 😊 a určite vám za to meno raz poďakuje 😉

Stále spokojná opravdu není, ale myslím, že nepláče zas tak často. Pomalu se učíme jí naslouchat a rozumět jejím signálům, takže už začínáme chápat, co kdy potřebuje a jak to dává najevo ;) Ten spánek je fakt špatný, ale s tím jsem počítal. Základní pravidlo u péče o novorozence je to, že se máš snažit spát vždy, když spí to dítě. Což mě coby starému insomnikovi fakt nejde :D :/ Ale to se časem nějak srovná...

Heh, ta příhoda s ibiškem tu zaujala hodně lidí :) Fakt zajímavé načasování... Rok a půl nic a najednou prakticky přes noc vykvetl takový krásný megakvět :)

Čoskoro budete úplne zohratí 😊

Tiež som o tom pravidle počula, len veľa ľudí mi povedalo, že to nie je veľmi možné, keďže tiež musíš jesť, možno niečo upratať, atď.. máte okolo vás babky a dedkov, čo by občas pomohli?

No bolo to jasné znamenie 😁

No právě, v těch volných chvílích musíš uklízet, prát a žehlit její oblečení, nakupovat, vařit, jíst, vyřizovat maily, telefonáty, doktory, lékárny, úřady, matriky, ambasády, pojišťovny atd. atd. Takže na ten spánek toho času fakt moc nezbývá :D :/ Nee, babičky a dědečky tu nemáme, i to je jeden z důvodů, proč se budem brzy stěhovat ;)

Good evening, @phortun !

It's impossible not to fall in love with the story of choosing your little girl's name!

She's sure to love the sign of nature, and she'll ask you to tell her this story all the time... In fact, it will certainly remain in your family's memory. To this day, I still remember the stories my grandmother used to tell me about our family, one of which was precisely why I chose my name!

It's one of the stages of life I'd love to experience. I'm sure that the fears that you and @liltammy are experiencing are part of the normality of all the changes that have come to your reality. One thing you can be sure of, life is no longer one way, it's heading in a completely different direction... The miracle of the birth of a desired child is one of the most beautiful things we can experience in this life, isn't it?

A big hug! A speedy recovery for @liltammy!

Cheers 🌺

Aww, thank you so much for this lovely and thoughtful comment my friend :) But now I´m curious about your name and how your parents chose it for you haha :D Just kidding, keep your privacy ;)

Well, it´s a lifechanging experience for sure so it´s kind of natural that a lot of emotions, both positive and negative, are involved... Thanks again for your kind words, we really appreciate it. All 3 of us :) Greetings!

Dear friend!... It's good to hear from you!... Little "Florecita" is growing quickly and it looks like she will be very beautiful!... I'm glad your wife has recovered so quickly!... Wow!... Then Flora has so much vital energy that even an Hibiscus bloomed to greet her arrival!... Lovely!... I'm very happy because you are living the most beautiful stage that we humans have (I can say it with certainty, since I have two children)... I send many hugs and my blessings to you!... Keep going, you are doing very well, you are valuable people and everything will be fine!... A hug to everyone at home!

Thank you very much for keeping us up to date!... Happy week!

!discovery 35

You are always so kind my friend. Thank you! It really means a lot, especially coming from an experienced parent like you ;) Btw my wife hasn´t recovered yet but she has been making great progress. She reads all the comments here and she really appreciates all the support and encouragement. And so do I of course! Thanks again. Hugs and greetings to Venezuela!

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@phortun! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @jlinaresp. (5/5)

You're a beautiful family! Lots of love and a bit more to Flora. I can never even come close to imagining how it feels to be a father, so thanks for letting me in on your world. It is true, the emotional rollercoasters of the postpartum period can be pretty heavy, but it is manageable and part of the journey. I'm sure you're in no need of medical advice from me but I'm always open if you need someone on the hotline.
Both of you are amazing, smart, and talented. You are going to be amazing parents. Never doubt it. Flora is lucky and so are you guys.
When she grows older she inevitably going to ask how did you decide on her name, and what a beautiful story you have for her.


Aww, thank you mate :) One day, you will be a father too and you will see if you can relate to what I´m describing in these chaotic free writes hehe :) Oh and thanks for your offer! Having a (real) doc available online always comes in handy, even though these days with Uncle Google by your side, everyone is a doctor, right? :D

Thanks again for stopping by mate. I hope you are ok. I´m sure you are in a much better shape than me now as I haven´t been working out for weeks. Already fearing the frustration of the painful getting back in shape haha :D

Já Vás jako obdivuju.

Já jsem vždycky nějak vnímal, že dítě je ta největší zodpovědnost a největší životní rozhodnutí, který člověk může udělat. A že bych si ho pořídil jen v případě, že mu budu schopen věnovat opravdu jako plnou pozornost a spoustu zdrojů (čas a peníze). A mám o sobě v tomhle směru velkej pytel pochybností. :D (Zvlášť když vidim, jak s náma cvičí jedno štěně. Což je vzhledem k tomu co jsem slyšel od zkušených matek po druhý sklence vína NIC v porovnání s dítětem. :D) Já na tohle zkrátka nejsem připraven..

A oto víc si pak vážím každýho, kdo do toho (plus minus) v mým věku jde. A fakt Vám držím všem třem palce, ať prospíváte společně a jste spokojený. A byť to nevim, tak si myslim, že jakákoliv počáteční turbulence je běžnej stav. "Dokonalým" rodičem se člověk (předpokládám) asi úplně nerodí, ale postupně se jím stává.


She was very little when she was born but she has been really trying to make up for that and her doctor is very impressed by how fast she has been growing and putting on weight. I´m sure that she will soon be our little big girl.

Takže po tatínkovi? :D

Naprosto ti rozumím. Moje myšlenkové pochody byly (a jsou) velmi podobné. Někde v podvědomí se toho člověk pořád bojí, pořád se necítí připraven a je jedno, jestli mu je 20 nebo 40. Je to prostě velká věc, asi ta největší v životě. Na druhou stranu, když nebudeme tak spekulovat a filozofovat, je to něco naprosto běžného a přirozeného, co se všude na světě děje tisíce let, což mě zase utvrzovalo v tom, že bychom to mohli zvládnout i my :) Nějak se s tím poperem. A jo, bulk up fáze je u Florinky v plném proudu :D ;)

Já nepochybuju, že to zvládnete!

Mno tak ať to roste na těch "správných" místech :D

"Já nepochybuju, že to zvládnete!"

Já občas jo :D :/

Hey @phortun! Welcome back to Hive.
Florecita? 🌺 🤭 It's so nice your daughter has a name in Spanish because Flora is a spanish word 😃.
I don't use to like newborn babies 😬 hahaha but Flora seems to be a sweet and beautiful little girl ☺️. I like your sincerity when you talked not only about the good things but also about the bad things that come with parenthood, it must certainly be strange to have a little human in the house and wonder where he/she came from and what you have to do with
he/she now hahaha, (at least that's what my mom told me she thought when I was born hahaha), it must be as exciting as it is terrifying. I think it's much easier for men to take on this new challenge because they are not as affected physically, hormonally, psychologically and existentially as women are when they become mothers. I didn't know you lived a so nomad and free life, although it's true that now everything will change for you two, I have seen many people who return to their nomadic life but with new companions on the route hehehe, their children, what matters is to enjoy life together 🤗 I'm sure you two will raise a good human being 🌺.
Greetings and have a nice week 🍀

Finally got to reply to this comment of yours. And what a comment it was, wow! Well, you might know that Latin America will always have a special place in our hearts as we lived there for some time and visited quite a lot of the countries in this region so we are happy that the name that we picked for our little girl has the same (beautiful) meaning in the Spanish speaking world too and yes, we like to call her Florecita :) Maya would also be very nice from this perspective as we lived in a part of Mexico that is called "Mundo Maya" but that little "flower story" helped us made the final decision and that´s Flora :)

You like my sincerity about mentioning the bad things too and I like your sincerity about admitting that you don´t like newborn babies haha but of course this doesn´t apply to our Florecita because she was already born beautiful :) (I guess all parents think like that about their babies haha :D)

You described most of the feelings very well, almost as if you were already trough this all yourself too :) Yeah, the moment when the three of us will hop on the plane and head out somewhere warm, sunny and (sea)salty is our biggest motivation right now, that´s what we are looking forward to the most now :)

Thanks for your lovely comment again amiga, really appreciate it!

Hi @phortun 🤗 sorry for the late answer 🥴
Thanks for your love towards my region ✨ Maya is a beautiful name, too. Well, if you were from latin america or Spain you wouldn't have had the need to decide on just one name because most people, 90%, have two names hehehe, so she would be Flora Maya, Maya Flora, Maya Florecita, Mayaflor, Flormaya, etc hehehe, there are also lot of compound names, for example, Flormaya and Mayaflor (Flor + Maya) or mixtures of male and female names like a friend of mine, her name is Neglory (Néstor + Gloria) the names of their parents hahaha, it's something very common here in Venezuela, some sound beautiful and creative but there are some times that those mixtures are terrible 🤦🏻‍♀️😒🙄😬🤣🤣🤣🤣
Well, not all parents think their babies are beautiful, there are many who accept reality, which is that in fact look like aliens 🤭🤭 there's nothing bad with that, first of all because babies don't understand anything 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ and second because what really matters is if you're going to be beautiful when you'll grow up and be an adult because that's what you're going to be for most of your life, an adult 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️😉
I hope your wish will come true soon 🏖️🌞👙🩱🩳✈️, for now, focus on changing diapers 🤭🤷🏻‍♀️
Have a great week dear beautiful Czech family 😘🤗

No problem with the late reply, most of my replies are late these days hahaha :D Well, I knew that people in Spain and Latin America usually have two first names but I didn´t know they are so creative and even make these crazy combinations! Your friend Neglory has a very interesting name haha :D

Some wise words about the concept of human beauty and focus changing diapers too haha, I will think about it! Hugs and greetings from little beautiful Czech family (Czechoslovakian actually, my wife comes from Slovakia :D) all the way down to the little beautiful Venezuelan/Greek family of yours! :)

Hahaha, yes, her name, Neglory, is just an example, a good one, of mixed names, well, I'll tell you something related to all that 🤭, the state of Zulia here in Venezuela is famous not only because of the oil which it covers 80% of national oil and hydrocarbon production, it's the second supplier of fish in the country, the leading producer of various agricultural and livestock products: oil palm, grapes, milk, cheese, cattle, sheep and poultry; the second in eggs and the third in bananas, bananas and goats, Zulia state is also known for its very high temperatures, un fact, it's the hottest in all of Venezuela 🥵 and has the famous:

  1. Maracaibo Lake, which is the largest body of water in Latin America and encompasses one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world

  2. Catatumbo lightning, it has the World record Guinness as the site on the planet with the highest generation of lightning per square kilometer per year, 250 lightning strikes per km² per year.

You will wonder why so much data on economics and geography hahaha, well, although all those things are very important here and outside our borders, in Venezuela Zulia state is known as the place with the most terrible names in the whole country, mixed and not mixed, too 🤭😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️, do you want to read some of them? Macgyver, Backstreetboy, Usnavy (US navy), Marvel, Bruce Willis, etc. hahaha, but in general, in south américa people use to be very creative with names 🥴😬🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

Hahaha, yeah, there are a lot of things to think about names, newborn babies and diapers hehehe. Flora is lucky because she has a beautiful name and she will surely be as a beautiful adult as she is as a baby 🌺😘🤗

Thank you my friend 🤗

Oh excuse me, Czechoslovakian, much love to that beautiful Czechoslovakian family 🥰
Have a wonderful day 🌻

Wow! Just wow! Soooo much interesting, cool and fun information! :D Now I need to visit Zulia State to see some of those McGyvers and Usnavies hahaha! :D I didn´t know anything of that except the two geographical fun facts: the Maracaibo Lake and the Catatumbo Lightnings. I have heard of them both :)

Thank you so much for sharing all these things with me Gatubela, now I know more about my beloved Latam haha :) Saludos!

😂😂😂😂 they will be waiting for you hehehe 😉, I'm sure they will also copy your name, which probably is a very strange Czech name 🤭.
Oh, so you already knew about Maracaibo Lake and the Catatumbo lightning, that's cool 👏🏻👍🏻
It's a pleasure, you're welcome @phortun.
Feliz fin de semana 🎶🕺🏻💃🏻

Ty jo, ta roste jako z vody :))

Heh, aby ne, když to nejspíš bude vodní (mořský) živel po rodičích :)

Tak pro to mám samozřejmě pochopení ;))

Já vím ;) Sám jsem zvědav, kdy a kde ji poprvé dopřejeme okusit život u moře. No, už aby to bylo, už jsme v té suchozemské střední Evropě nějak moc dlouho :)

Oh wow. Big congratulations to you and your wife bro. What a precious gem you have. I'm really happy for you. And, yeah, your carefree nomadic life is probably over for now at least haha.

Haha lets say we're just taking a break from our life style😉 BUT she was born to be a nomad girl:)

Thanks buddy! Yeah, we will have to settle down a bit but seeing my wife´s reply to this comment, I suppose the break won´t be too long haha :)

Držím palce ;)

Děkujeme :)

A huge step in one's life, that is true. And the rollercoaster of emotions - that is true as well! I do remember we were the same, so beautiful feelings but at the same time fears and concerns about whether we were doing right the things or not. Additionally, we (the baby and I) were in the hospital until he turned two weeks, it was probably the hardest period we had. But it passed :D

Oh, so the hibiscus was the sign for the name. No, it's not superstition but a cool sign and confirmation of what should be her name 😇 🌺

All the best to the three of you, and good to read some updates from you, @phortun!

Thanks for the words of compassion amiga, it means a lot :) Just you and your son in the hospital for two weeks after the birth? Wow, that must have been really tough :( But you made it. Mothers are incredibly strong. The maternal instinct must be one of the greatest sources of will and power out there.

Glad that you like our little hibiscus story hehe ;) All the best to you guys too! Saludos!

Being a parent is very difficult my friend, especially when you have your first child. You have a lot to learn and I think you're doing well. Spending time with your child is the best thing you can give them. I think it's a great name and it's in a cartoon. She's a Winx Club fairy. I'm sure @liltammy knows that haha.

Thanks man :) I don´t know this cartoon but there are associations for any name. I like Luna too for example but it doesn´t have good connotations in the crypto world for obvious reasons haha :D Or here in my country, for example, Flora is a popular plant butter :D But what I like about this name is that it comes from Latin and is therefore understandable in many different parts of the world and it even has the same meaning (flowers or plants) in different languages, that´s cool :)

Moc blahopřeju, ať vám Flora kvete a přináší samou radost. Zdravím i @liltammy. Užívejte si krásné rodičovské starosti a hlavně radosti.

Je toho tolik, že ani nestíhám odepisovat, ale dodatečně moc děkujem :)

Congrats at first! And welcome to the club. Welcome to the club of everything you wrote above. You actually described it really well, at least from my perspective, which was similar.
And I have to say that it doesn't get much easier on the emotions and toughtness as well :)
Every period has its ups and downs. At the end I am blessed to be able to be a parent of my two beaitiful children.
So, don't worry, you are doing well. Enjoy your time.
And you picked a lovely name!
All the best to the mom as well.
See you around!

Thank you Andy! So nice to always have you pop up on my blog out of nowhere, leaving these kind and thoughtful comments :) I´m glad to hear that my more experienced parenting friends had the same or similar feelings and thoughts. Really helps to assure that we are on the right track :) Thanks again, hope you have been doing alright mate!

It's lovely to read the updates about Flora, from the 2nd and 3nd photos she looks like a real beauty. I'm sure you guys will be the perfect parents no need to worry at all. I am having so much joy playing with the toddlers in my family and I'm sure You'll have the same as well.

Thank you Pauline, she is a beauty indeed :) Yeah, toddlers are already fun to be around but this stage still seems so far away for us right now, and yet we will be there in no time I guess, what a paradox :)

The babies are cute but a little boring when they're so little 😉, but like you say they'll get there in no time.

Yeah, it´s mostly just lying and sleeping or crying now. Not much action yet but we are already starting to see some progress ;)

Welcome to the world, Flora! Such a lovely name she has, I'm sure she'll like it when she grows up. Being anxious of the future regarding parenthood is completely normal 'cause every parent wants to provide the best for their child. I still even feel that way sometimes even though my daughter will be coming five years old in the next few months. Every time I feel that way, I just remind myself that she is a blessing given to me by God because the Almighty knows that I can raise her well, and He will help us provide the guidance, knowledge, and everything we need in the future, so we don't have to worry. If you can't help to feel that way, just look at her smiles, it's everything.

Aww, thank you very much for this lovely and valuable feedback :) Well, now at just 2 weeks old, she cannot smile much yet, it´s just these little hints that I think are more just kind of reflex smiles than actual smiles but we will be there soon for sure :) Thanks again for your kind words, much appreciated! ;)

Congrats on your little bundle of joy and new life. You seem to be adjusting, remember it's just been a couple of weeks the both of you will get the hang of things. Being older parents might take more energy but you have the wisdom you didn't have 10 years ago and had a chance to be you and see what you wanted to see first and many people don't get that sort of opportunity. You both got to live it together. Now you are living your new dream together +1. Who knows in the future you can teach Flora your ways of self expression. It's a gift to be able to teach that to your child. It's a beautiful name btw. xox

Some very good (and encouraging) points here, thank you for that :) I saw some new posts from you in my feed but didn´t get to read them yet, hopefully everything is ok at your end.

Oh yes, everything is well enough. Winter is just about here so I'm staying warm and indoors reading for the most part.

Big change but I am so glad you are doing well my friend. I so understand how you feel, and sometimes I also miss I don't know, some things from our life before but then I look at little Olí and I forget.

I'm sure Flora knows you are the best parents for her and I'm so glad everything is okay. Luna was also a name for Olivia and sometimes Paweł says we should have named her that one hahaha. Flora is beautiful. Big hugs to all 3 of you! 🤗

Holaaa Evaaa! Thanks for taking a while to stop by my blog, I can imagine how busy you have been haha :) And I also know that you can probably relate to many of the feelings that we have been experiencing, after all, our girls were born just a few days apart :) Yes, I remember you told me in Krakow that you were also considering the name Luna. It was one of our favorites too :) Bigs hugs from all 3 of us to all 3 of you! :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I missed so much that it makes me embarassed. Flora? What a cute name. Dude, relax. You two are gonna be epic parents. Just imagine the huge amounts of experiences and stories from around the world you'll be able to tell her; or even better, the places you two will be able to take her once she's a bit older. Sure, not the usual boring desk job type of parents xD

No problem mate, I have been missing out on the Hive happenings for months already. Still so hard to get used to it :/ Thanks for your encouraging words, much appreciated and much needed as so far, parenting has been much harder for us than we could imagine. The moment when we will be able to start traveling with her and showing her the beauties of our world is what motivates us the most in our efforts these days. Florecita the Nomadic Princess will surely have itchy feet :)

I've missed some friend's posts on Hive. Hello little beautiful Flora :) Congratulation to you and your little family @phortun Wow Flora is such a lovely name :) All the best to your family :)

Aww, thank you so much Trang! Really appreciate your kind words and wishes :) Hope all is well at your end!

Thank you for sharing photos of your daughter, for me she already looked like Flora and I think Flora is very cute and very tender. Please enjoy her as much as you can and I am going to share with you some words that someone said, but I don't remember who.

"They are children once, you will be an adult all your life."

I was reading your post and it sounds to me like flora will have great parents. Don't feel guilty for thinking about the times you didn't have that little responsibility, after all, we are human. The best gift for Flora is to give her a stable home, a home full of love and for you to be parents that give her lots of love, emotional stability and make her a person responsible for herself.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but be prepared, but don't be overwhelmed by all the advice that everyone wants to give you. Enjoy your baby every step of the way and learn with her little by little.

And, of course, the best support for your Wife is your unconditional love. Another important fact is not to lose yourselves as a couple in this new process. You have to learn to combine these two stages of your life. This is going to be like a balance.
I wish you the best of luck and blessings for flora.

Thank you very much for taking a while to read my post and leave all the kind words and valuable advice here. Obviously, you know what you are talking about so I take it from you with great respect and appreciation. Thanks again, have a lovely day :)

Congrats, man. I’m finding everything as news right now cos I’ve been gone for like a month and just got active again last week.

Your baby looks beautiful and I can’t wait for her to grow up and hopefully join us here on Hive. Take it easy with the parenting. You’ll be a great parent, I’m sure of it:)

Thanks man! Actually, I wanted to open an account for her here on Hive on the very day when she got born but I somehow failed to do that. Will do it soon though, no worries :)

No worries, man. Would’ve been epic if the account was always as old as her so that every time it was her birthday, she’d be celebrating a Hive Anniversary with us too. Still, awesome!

Yeah, that was exactly the idea... But the delivery was much more turbulent and emotional than expected. So I forgot.

Ah would you look!!! Little Florinka looks beautiful God bless her. Hopefully you guys are starting to find your feet too, plenty of coffee for now to keep going.

There is no possible way that you can keep as engaged as before for now, and people will understand, your priorities have changed..

Thanks mate! Well, coffee... I don´t drink coffee and my wife usually does but she stopped when she learned she was pregnant and it´s not recommended to drink coffee while breastfeeding either so no coffee for either of us, we need to make it without it haha :)

Yeah, I know people will understand but still, I cannot get used to having soooo limited time for Hive :/

Oh, that certainly makes things more tricky!! Well I guess try to get some power naps here and there to keep the batteries charged then. At this stage hopefully she is starting to settle into some sort of pattern. Your wife must be very tired at this stage, breast feeding must be exhausting but on the positive side the bond formed between them is very special at that time, so every cloud has a silver lining.

Don't worry about Hive, it will still be here when you get more of your time back in the coming months and years..

Thanks mate but power naps are difficult too, any kind of sleep actually as I suffer from insomnia and it often takes me ages before I fall sleep, no matter how tired or sleep deprived I´m. Crazy, I know :D :/ But yeah, we are slowly starting to see some patterns in the chaos. Light at the end of the tunnel if you will haha :)

Shit man, that sucks about the insomnia. Did you ever try any of the guided meditations? My wife struggles a bit with insomnia and often plays them at night and finds them good.

Happy to hear that little legs is finding a bit of a routine now.

Yes, I did. I tried everything. Nothing worked for me except strong sleeping pills or (a lot of) alcohol. Neither of these I can and want to use regularly of course. But it has been already pretty good the past two years or so. It strikes only occasionally but now with only these little time slots to put my sleep in, it´s pretty hard. But everyone say it will get better as the baby keeps growing. Will see :)

Oh little precious, you look so beautiful 😍🥰. Grow up and just make everything easy for your mom and dad...as possible, ok? :)
I had a ghost bump when I read about how you came up with her beautiful name. Sure, that flower must have heard the couple's conversation and so it gave its suggestion as well. My dad used to say, 'We should take heed to Nature's message'.

Aww, thank you Franz! :) I´m really glad to hear that people like our little flower story. It only confirms that we made the right decision ;)

Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter, Flora! It's heartwarming to hear about your journey into parenthood, and your honesty about the challenges and joys you're experiencing is relatable. The emotional roller coaster of the postpartum period is indeed a unique and sometimes overwhelming experience

Thank you very much for taking a while to read the post and comment on it. Well, I have heard and read a lot about the postpartum period but now, facing it ourselves IRL, that´s another story... Overwhelming indeed. But we will manage somehow :)

Aawwww so cute 🥰
Good to read an update.
All the best for all of you. Take care my friend.
Enjoy it all… it sure will be a rollercoaster 🎢

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Thank you my friend, a roller coaster indeed haha :D Have a lovely weekend!

You are welcome 😊 thanks a lot. Have a wonderful weekend too 😁

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Talking about Flora, I can already say she's going to be a great daughter and enjoy a beautiful childhood. No doubt one day she will bloom like a flower and make your life even more entertaining :)

Thank you Gabriela :) We will do our best to make her childhood as beautiful as possible, hopefully with a lot traveling and exploration as well so that one day, she will follow in her parents´ footsteps :)

I am already convinced she inherited this passion from her parents 😌

Enjoy it while it lasts, the first year is the easiest. Lmao

You mean the hardest! Man, we don´t sleep and barely eat, it cannot be worse than this :D

This post is pure swetness!
I wish you all the best! ❤️

Aww, thank you very much! :)

You're welcome :)

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Yay! Thank you guys! :)

Congratulations on your daughter's arrival a nd wife's faat recovery. I hope you all have.l a wonderful time being new parents

Thanks for your kind words and wishes :)

Hopefully your beloved baby is always healthy.

We hope so too, thanks man! :)

Yeah, you're welcome buddy.

Congratulations to you and your family. Such a beautiful family. It’s not easy being a parent for first time like you said but I could guess you are both doing a great job as she looks healthy and happy.

Wishing you all the best☺️

Thanks for your lovely feedback and words of encouragement, we are doing our best :)

That’s great

Seems like I haven't been following upto date recently. Flora, you are welcome to this world

No problem, I haven´t been following up the happenings on Hive lately either. Too busy IRL. Thanks for stopping by though!

Ooops. Hope you are having time for yourself also even though you are busy

Congratulations! This is a new journey both for you and your wife, as a new mother and father. It'll be hard for sure but if you are together, it'll get a little better, I think (≧▽≦). And welcome to the world to that little Flora ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ.

Thank you very much, a new journey indeed haha but we are ready to learn as much as we can along the way :)

Aww sorry I missed this post- such a cutie your little Flora is - again congratulations to you and @liltammy - so precious.

Thank you very much! :)

Whenever a baby girl is born like this, parents are very happy. No worries, you have taken a long break and spent time with your wife and children. First of all, congratulations to you. We pray that the coming time will bring much happiness to all of you. Your daughter is very cute.

As always, thank you for stopping by and leaving your original and thoughtful comment. I appreciate it :)

Hi @phortun I am happy to be a part of this community and hope to make many friends here. Now I start my new life after prison. I will be grateful for your support.

Hey, this is not the coolest way to build a fan base / get community support but you have obviously been through a lot and your content can thus be very interesting and unique. I will check it out. Good luck with your new life :)

Thank you for your support, best regards

..maly zazrak a nova etapa zivota..
mozem si iba predsatvit aky roller coaster to asi je.. ale prezival by som to asi rovnako..
..je nadherna a ako vravis..rastie ako z vody..
..uzivajte, RODICIA..

Tak jsem se konečně dostal i ke tvému komentu. Díky za něj! :) Roller coaster je to šílený, ale pomaličku se s tou novou rolí sžíváme :) Měj se chlape!

Such an adorable little flower ❤️

Yeah, that´s our Florecita :) Thanks for swinging by!

congrats sir, is she your first baby, she's so adorable !

Yes, she is our first baby and yes, she is adorable :) Thanks for stopping by!

I can imagine how happy you are to be a father. Flora must be so happy to come to the world and also have amazing parents
I wish you the best in taking care of her
Congratulations to you

Thanks for your kind words and wishes.

Oh such a beautiful baby! And a lovely story behind her name.

Thank you, glad to know that you like the story that helped us pick her name hehe :)

Koukám, že už taky taháš kočárek, tak gratuluju a hodně sil

Tahám no :) Díky moc!

Flore is a lovely name like the pink flower you have shown in the picture, It was a well deserving break.

Thanks, happy to know that you like her name :)

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