Abiu for you💕

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Abiu (ahb-you) as pronounced locally.Aka yellow caimito, pouteria caimito is a fruit that is endemic to the Amazonian region of South America. Belongs to the sapotaceae family or group of plants and trees that are latex yielding.

This fruit thrives in a tropical climate,meaning mostly wet and humid all year round.
I purchased this plant at a nursery that specializes in growing rare trees. Back then the plant was only 2 feet tall, had a skinny trunk, and a handful of leaves. While at the nursery I overheard another buyer telling his success story about the plant. He said that he came back to buy more abiu trees after his first tree bore fruit 1 and a half year after planting.
Whoa! 1 1/2 yr to fruit hmnnn 🤔 So I decided to give it a try.

Lo and behold after a year and a half I find myself in the same shoes as that previous buyer, scrambling to get me more abiu trees. It has been one of my favorite fruits since then.
The tree bears fruit about twice a year with a 5 meter diameter canopy by 12-15 ft tall (based on my actual trees)



The exterior appearance of the fruit is similar to a lemon or mango with smooth bright yellow peel. Some fruits have an oval shape with pointed bottoms, some are just perfect round like a peach and of similar size. The meaty interior has a gelatinous texture,and is very sweet and juicy with very little latex when fully ripe.



If you peeps have the right conditions to grow this tree you must give it a try.It's definitely worth it!


Looks like Tisa but when opened, its like star apple. 😁

yasss! right on

Looks like Tisa but when opened, its like star apple. 😁

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thank u💕

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