Gardening Journal Part 2: In Which I Cheer Up a Bit

in HiveGarden2 months ago

If my earlier #gardenjournal was depressing as I expressed my ennui, today's a little more enthusiastic. Perhaps that state of mind was linked to the coming migraine, and though I'm over the worst of it today, I feel more energised. The August winds are certainly swooshing stuff away, as well as knocking down tree branches and filling the place with leaves. The chooks gain funny feather-dos as it ruffles their feathers. Punk chickens.


As I sit down to lunchtime dal with silverbeet, coriander and garlic from the garden, I'm pretty proud of what I've already achieved by 1pm. I'm almost as good as @goldenoakfarm I reckon in terms of getting stuff done! A lot of it is just pushing procrasination out of my head and getting on with it.



First thing was the mushroom grow. I've set it up a lot better (more on this in another post) so it's more streamlined timewise. The last grow wasn't that great and I think it was coz I used wattle sawdust which they didn't like much.


Then it was onto planting seeds - tomato mainly, but also jalapeno and other capsicum. I love being in the greenhouse on a cold day.


I'll need to make more potting mix and I will do as soon as I finish this post, so it's all ready to do the curcubits and so on. The broccoli and kale are growing well in greenhouse though a bit leggy.


I've also trimmed the lemon tree off the path, collected a ton of lemons and limes - perhaps I should make lemon curd. You can't give them away at the moment - EVERYONE is dripping with citrus.


More weeding - the fumitory is everyone in the front bed. The broadbeans are blowing about in the wind. It all felt very atmosphere as I listened to Nick Cave's Ghosteen. We bought tickets to see him in December and I'm a wee bit excited. Have seen the guy four times before but.. wait this is a gardening post.



The back garden is looking gorgeous and I can't wait til the trees break into leaf. It's so good having more time at home, but still, there's never enough time in the day especially as I like going adventuring and surfing and stuff as well. If I only stayed in the garden it'd be proper amazing I reckon. Still, I love it so.


With Love,


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 2 months ago  

Yay! I'm glad you feel more energised. We are also being blown away here and the temperatures are rising fast

 2 months ago  

Our climates are so similiar!!! We could do with more rain before summer, that's for sure.

 2 months ago  

Yup! Spring is unpleasantly hot and windy

 2 months ago  

we get HUGE winds here in spring.... its tradition that EKKA festival weekend is windy and warm. lol although... rain... we don't need that... we had enough in the dry season making me stress about the wet season (summer) to come

An absolutely stunning wander through the garden. I love your punk chickens. I know you've said before you would love to be on the ocean, but if this is the alternate; it's heaven.

 2 months ago  

You know, people come out here and are amazed, thinking we are so lucky to have the space and the land. Then I read about problems with neighbours and overcrowding on the coast and I feel happy with where we are for sure!

 2 months ago  

" A lot of it is just pushing procrasination out of my head and getting on with it." I can so relate to this. I really have to push on some days to get anything done.

Love the shots of your garden and it's hard to realize you are in winter with so much green around!

 2 months ago  

I know, our winter is nothing like yours! We are a month off better weather and already there are signs of spring.

Really struggling at the moment, I don't know what's wrong with me. Seems this day was an anomoly, best day I'd had in weeks before crashing again.

 2 months ago  

I suspect it's the covid. It really whacks me some days, others, like Sunday, even with poor sleep due to the heat, I got a lot done.

 2 months ago  

Yeah maybe it is. I have a bit of a wierd heart flutter going on and Uber tired... It's been going on for a week now and am wondering if it's just another COVID wave??

I think most people in the world would envy a garden like yours. It looks and sounds ( and probably smells, tastes and feels ) pretty amazing!

Big hug xx

 2 months ago  

Yes, I am so lucky, but we also put a lot of work into it. Imagine if I didn't work all these years.. it would be even better!

I love the way how the garden is set up.. especially the materials you used for the raised beds. You have an easy path to inspect everything and have an overview of the plants on how they thrive... Good job!

 2 months ago  

Oh yes, I wanted the flow to be right. Its just getting to the point where I think it's perfect!

There's not enough time in the day

Oh that's so true!!! But at least we all have the same 24 hours, and if you get as much done as @goldenoakfarm than you're doing pretty good!

The garden looks great! I wish one day I'll make it to Australia, we'll come visit.

 2 months ago  

You would be ever so welcome, honestly..I would love to have you here!!! Since this energetic day I've been on a downer again so hoping for the up soon!!

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I cant take my eyes off the lemon 🍋🍋🍋🍋

 2 months ago  

Haha yes we have soooo many!

 2 months ago  

wow that looks amazing..... so delish... and i doooo love your garden.

i hear you on the ennui, its been a rough 2 weeks here and im struggling getting back. hopefully back on feet in a day or two.

things have not... gone to plan... lol...

happy gardening to you