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Now it's winter, and I can't visit my garden, it's sleeping now. So I take pleasure from my Home Garden. I am a beginner in planting and growing flowers at home. so many discoverings are waiting for me;)

And of them - plants not only GIVE oxygen, but also TAKE it AWAY.

To tell you the truth, I was surprised by this info. I heard only the opposite info all my life - plants clean and give us oxygen thanks to photosynthesis. The opposite side of this process has become my news...

Do you know it, guys? Or I am the only one here?:))

We know that plants produce oxygen only in the light phase of photosynthesis! that is, during the day light. At night, the process stops and plants begin to absorb a little oxygen in the process of cellular respiration.
It sounds shocking and weird, but actually, there is nothing to worry about - in quantities they take away much smaller than release during the day (up to 30%). The balance, of course, converges in a positive direction, but the truth remains the same - plants can take away oxygen we use for breathing.

That's why some plants aren't advised to keep in bedroom.
But at the same time there are plants which can produce oxygen even without daylight! So they generate it all day and night long!

When I discovered it, I started to test my own plants, and it appeared that only violets are plants that take oxygen at night away. So I replace them to the kitchen from the room of my son.
Then it appeared that a kitchen isn't a good room for them either, so now I will change their place of living again...Hope they will feel fine because they are pleasure for my eyes!

Only look at them!

And all the rest of my plants are those that generate oxygen 24 hours!
I have a spathiphyllum, a tradescantia and a kind of palm.

My little HiveGarden that I plan to develop and grow bigger!

Soon I will have a bday, and you know what I asked my fam to give me as a gift?

yeahhh, new plants!!:) that generate oxygen 24/7 , of course:))


I prefer decorative flowers or dead plastic flowers that I make at home. rather than living flowers which make it difficult and compete with each other to breathe oxygen.

dead flowers? they won't take your oxygen yeah;)

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