Still Attending to the Garden, but not after this post!

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Although November was bringing in freezing temperatures, there was still some gardening left to do.

First up was rebuilding the garlic bed. The bed has needed some attention for the past couple of years and I finally got around to replacing the wooden planks that keep everything nice and tidy.

When it comes to our garden, @farm-mom feels that I may have a touch of an ailment called Obsessive-compulsive disorder, better known as (OCD). She may be correct.

I have seen here on #hive many wild gardens that do what they do and those gardens fascinate me with their innate aptitude to thrive. To each, their own is the way I see most things in life.

garlic bed not good.png

Every time I construct something using wood that I have milled I wonder what the project would have cost me if I needed to purchase the lumber.

For this project, I used Eastern Hemlock which I had in stock. I made the garlic bed a little larger, adding 5 square feet to the existing bed.
With the abundant amount of garlic we grew this year we had plenty of our own bulbs to split into cloves and plant.

that was fun.png

After harvesting about half of the beets in October I plucked the remaining tubers in November. Between the two harvests, we ended up with almost 50 lbs. of beets.

The jig I made to support the pepper plants worked like a charm and folding them up took but a few minutes.

next year.png

What a year it was for growing lettuce.

Not only did we have lettuce at our beck and call for most of the Summer and all of Autumn, but before the temps dropped to the point where the remaining lettuce would have frozen, I decided to transplant some of it into containers. I put them into the window box where we germinate all of our seeds and HOLY COW, as YANKEE Hall of Fame inductee PHIL RIZZUTO would say when he got excited.

We may have fresh lettuce until we head south to warmer temperatures. That will put a big smile on @farm-mom's face.

lettuce (2).png

I blew this one unless frozen radishes can go into a cocktail or something.

To all of the folks who are still getting dirt under their fingernails, GROW ON THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE. I'll be watching out for what you've got going on.

Until then
The @bigsweed.


One final Note

Thanks to all of the hard work hobbitational time that a few special gals, @riverflows and @minismallholding devoted to #hivegarden, they've made this community the place you want to be if you want to grow, and I ain't talking about just growing VEGGIES!

I almost forgot to thank @owasco for her wonderful efforts when she stepped up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park while playing substitute head honcho.



Great going my friend. Not only were you blessed with green fingers, but you are also a great handyman. On a farm, one has to be a jack of all trades, so you also have this down pat !LOLZ
The motto should be to do what you love to do, and your posts are evidence of this.
Best way to go about it.


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My cat is so impatient?
He always wants everything meow.

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I hear you about being a handyman. With some of the projects I do around here, I wonder how some folks who need work done and can't perform the task for themselves, can afford to have them done.

Great Motto, isn't it wonderful to have passion drive the bus, whatever it may be.

I think I know your and Marian's crush. 😁

Great to see that you appreciate your talents, as so many don't have an idea to do what you do. And of course, bringing in a contractor is very expensive. As a teacher, maybe you can start a small skills training school at your place?

Yep, a free and open heart reigns :)

Happy that you do and I am not even going to ask you what, as I think that you will be right 😉


I've just written a song about a tortilla.
Well, it is more of a rap really.

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Ah ya I love watching the homestead grow and evolve. You don’t want to be out there trying to buy lumber now. Huge shock for me when I purchased a 2x10 to repair an old garden box.

I have always considered creating a garlic box. Now I can knowing you will be able to answer questions all the time!

So much fun and produce makes it even better down there old friend.

There is much to appreciate here on the #homestead for sure, and you have seen a significant part of that over the years here on #hive.

To have others admire it as well, always makes me feel great. Thanks for your genuine admiration for our farm and what we do and how we live.

I just milled very recently and had a ball. I'm milling wood for the garage for the tractor. I would hate to even think about what the lumber wood cost if I had to buy it. If that were the case, I would be keeping it under a tarp for a year or so longer.

Garlic, we've done very well in the last 5 years or so. If you ever have any ??? you know where to find me, I'd be more than happy to let you know what I know. Not Much 😁

 3 months ago  

Oh dear I keep apologizing to riverflows because I feel like I failed at my turn up at bat! But thank you for the appreciation.

I'll bet those radishes would taste great, thinly sliced in salads. Or in radish sandwiches. Fermented? I pushed some rutabagas out (that surprise cold snap got me) but I'm gonna eat them anyway. I cannot grow lettuce for some reason; maybe my seeds are too old, I have no recollection of where they came from.

You guys head south for the winter?

Ok, 1st things 1st, you killed it girl.

Radishes, I love them, straight up, in salads, you name it.

@farm-mom has made a salad following one of the recipes that we got from a post by @carolynstahl back a year ago. Robin has made it at least a dozen times. The recipe calls for radishes, she always doubles up on them. The dressing recipe she includes in the post is to kill for.

For some strange reason, the lettuce was prolific this year.

We do get out of the cold. Usually, we will end up in Florida.

You mill your own wood...?
Eastern hemlock...
My dad cut down a walnut tree and had it planed (milled?). He made a few little magazine racks but let the rest sit for decades. At the auction, the whole stack sold for $25. I hope the buyer knows what he got.

Your lettuce - I'm inspired!

Yes, we mill our own lumber. Years ago we invested in the mill as a family and have enjoyed it since and with the cost of lumber we save a few bucks over the years.
Wood and woodworking has been a passion of mine for years now. 13 years ago we planted lots of walnut trees and now have two different plantations of Black Walnut trees that are doing fabulous, over 150 in total.


The garden looks fresh and actually well kept. It looks obviously kept and admired

I like to think of it as keeping everything nice and tidy!

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Thanks my friend.

Your garden seem to be quite big and looks like the one for commercial activities
Is farming your full time job?

I haven't had a job since I retired 7 years ago. Gardening is a passion that we have. Everything we grow for ourselves or #bartering with.

Have a splendid day.

Taking care of the garden is not so easy, it takes a lot of hard work, everything has to be seen on time, water has to be watered, all the things are burdened, it takes a lot of work, then things grow in a good way.

Thank you, Gardening does take a lot of time and effort, but the spoils make it all worth the effort.

Most welcome dear.

Hope it wasn't really difficult trying to balance everything together actually

A piece of cake!

 3 months ago  

Fifty POUNDS of beetroot! That's awesome. Remember the scene in Forest Gump when his friend is talking about all the recipes you can make with shrimp? It reminds me of that. Beetroot pickle, beetroot risotto, roast beetroot, and so on..

I think my garden is half wild, half neat - I think you'd live with it - an intentional wildness, if you will.

It does seem warmer than usual - have you not had the tons of snow that everyone seems to be having? Love to you and @farm-mom for Christmas!

Classic movie that I've watched several times over the years.

I think I've had beets every day for the last week or so. Last night @farm-mom made a salad, our lettuce, our carrots, our peas, our beets, hard boiled eggs that we got from Robin's cousin, and goat cheese, all covered in a homemade raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

With a few bowls of homemade chicken soup, My taste buds were in haven.

Intentional wildness, we have several flower beds that we let do their thing. Throughout the growing season different wildflowers will come to life at different times, keeping the bed exploding with colorful flowers all season long.

We've had very cold temps, but only a few inches in total.

May you and your live-in mechanic, welder, designer and best pal have a wonderful Christmas as well!

Hopefully your father is on the mend and that trip you planned is a go.