Jet's Garden: October Update

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It's been a while since I updated about our (Jet's) garden here in the western of Melbourne. The previous post

I'm no green thumb, but I've been trying my hand at gardening lately, lol. In August, I planted coriander, sweet basil and tomatoes. It's now October, so let's see how my plants are doing.




Little raised garden bed made from industrial crates 🙂

The Corriander seems very healthy. I don't really use it much for cooking, well I don't know why I planted it, lol, but I'm happy to see it growing really well.

This sweet basil looks different from our basil in Vietnam, it might still be a baby. The tomato normally grows in warm climates, so it's understandable why it grows slower.



Oh, look !! Some Vietnamese mints too. A few cutting mints that we grabbed from the local garden was planted here in the garden as well. Mint is a very easy herb to grow, and it smells fantastic! All you need is a pot and some soil, and you can grow mint indoors or outdoors. Just make sure to water it regularly. I can't wait to have an ongoing supply of mint soon that I can use fresh or dried in our cooking, or make tea :)

Besides the two types of parsley that are doing well, it's great to see the spring onions thriving. These herbs are a key ingredient in many recipes, especially my dumplings.




If you're looking to add a little more flavor to your dumplings, parsley and spring onion are great options. Both will give your dumplings a nice boost, and you'll taste the difference (trust me) 🙂

Another addition to our happy garden is a lemon tree. I have always loved lemon trees as its fruit is useful in many recipes. When I saw the lemon tree from neighbors in blooming and I knew that I wanted one in my garden too. I was finally able to get one of my own and I am so excited. I can't wait to see how it grows and produces fruit.



We bought some potting mixes from hardware supermarket and dug a hole bigger than the plant so the roots can spread.


Here is the happy place for you, lemon. Let's grown fast and produce fruits 😆



As I mentioned before, I'd like to have a blossom cherry in front of the house. Luckily, there are beautiful blossom cherry trees in front yard at our company, and we asked the boss if we could have a cutting to start our own. They were more than happy to oblige and even told us to take the whole tree, lol. I'm not sure how long it will take to grow and blossom, hopefully !!



Oopps watch out snake and owl !!!

Bird is the problem in our garden here, you know how frustrating it can be. Birds can eat plants, make a mess, and be generally annoying. We've have tried a variety of methods to get rid of them, but sometimes nothing seems to work. If you're looking for a new way to scare the birds away, try putting fake snakes and owls in your garden. It might sound silly, but it just might work!

Oh yeah, we have the best guard to protect our garden when she's not sleeping or sunbathing lol.


That's all for now, and I hope you enjoy your garden as we enjoy ours in this beautiful spring season :)



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 4 months ago  

Oh wow, I super enjoyed this post!!!! It makes me happy to see you gardening IN AUSTRALIA!!!! I still can't get over that! And you have a good old Vic backyard lemon tree. This year I've had so many I can't give them away - bags and bags full of them and limes. This weather today is pretty wet and must be giving it all a good soak. Me, I'm DYING for better weather so the tomatoes start growing. Generally we don't plant them out til Nov 2 - Melbourne Cup day - but I planted mine with tree guards around them. We're about three weeks behind Melb growing time though, being rural inland.

Great to see herbs planted and the lovely garden with the dog! Haha I've had sooo many blackbirds, but they dont care about my owl! I"ve been finding their nests and eggs to try to keep their numbers under control> this weather cycle has been a bit wierd and there"s more pests than usual>

Thank you @riverflows, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the update. It's beautiful old Vic garden taken care well by my partner. We also have peach, komquat and olive trees in the garden. My neighbors gave us some limes too and we loved it. The weather was so wet this morning. I'm glad the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was a beautiful day for couple of hours and it turned back cloudy, grey and I'm expecting for the better weather too but I think I'm slowly getting used to it. We caught some myna birds here too but we already removed them to somewhere else. Hopefully they won't come back.

We're going to the Ballarat tomorrow. I hope you have a great weekend ahead. ❤️


 4 months ago  

Oh goodness, you're copping Melbourne weather aren't you - four seasons in a day, they say. Kumquats! I lvoe them. Sounds like a great old Melbourne backyard. Hope you're enjoying life here and enjoy Ballarat! There is a fantastic Spanish restaurant there I adore called - Megas? Magas? - which is my favourite.

Hi Trang. What a great garden update. The lemon tree is going to be so wonderful. And Cherry blossoms, can't wait to see how your cutting does!

I'm very excited about both of them too, Sara.

It may take a while but now you can see the leaves of blossom cherry coming out while the cutting still in the bottle of water hehe


 4 months ago  

Trời ơi, khu vườn đã quá chị Trang ơi. Nhìn thích quá thích. Bên đó không gian thoáng đãng thật thích làm sao. Em thấy chị khéo tay mà, trồng rau lên nhanh đó chứ hihi.

Ở vùng ngoại ô không gian thoáng đãng hơn trong city bé, khí hậu mát mẻ, đất tốt nên cây cối bên này dễ trồng lắm. C chỉ có việc nêu ý tưởng và chụp hình haha chứ công chăm vườn anh nhà chị làm hết 😁

 4 months ago  

hihi, ảnh chịu làm là cưng lắm luôn ớ :D nói chứ, thấy cuộc sống chị bên đó hạnh phúc và nhẹ nhàng, em thấy rất rất vui ^_^

The photo of the snake is real? It's so close!

It's a fake snake lol just the way to scare birds or other animals from eating our plants :)

hahaha ok! it looked so real!

Still looks scary haha

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Thank you @bhattg

You are welcome dear friend 😊🙏

Oh! fake snake and fake owl is really effective to scare away some unwanted visitors? Might be human will be scared ipon seeing that snake hehehe.

You have a good garden in your small area @trangbaby. Keep it up.

This method can be effective (at least for my garden now, lol), and it's important to make sure that the snakes and owls look realistic, 😃 Otherwise, the birds may not be scared off.

Thank you @jenthoughts for the visit :)

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The snake seems very real and scary...

😍😍 U là trời ơi đất lành chim đậu, mùa xuân ngập tràn. Đúng như cuộc sống trong mơ của em luôn. Ngồi đây mơ về miền đất ấy vào năm sau, và mong cho chị luôn vui khỏe như mùa xuân rạng rỡ đất Úc 😊 Làm em rạo rực quá đi 😚

Thanks bé nhé, với chị bây giờ cuộc sống đơn giản và vui vẻ là quá tốt rồi, ko mơ ước gì cao sang :) Hy vọng em sẽ đặt chân đến nước úc năm sau. Em sẽ yêu đât nước thiên nhiên và con người nơi đây. Cố gắng lên, 1 năm ko dài :)

Your garden looks so beautiful. I am so jealous there are a lot of spaces to grow stuff in there. I growing coriander too, still a seedling baby so no leaves to eat yet. I use it a lot for Pho so hopefully mine will be happy like yours

Great photos, thanks for sharing, greetings from México.