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A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY https://rumble.com/user/CraigKellyMP

Wilfully denying sick people access to an inexpensive readily available off-patent medicine, that around has been shown to save lives is a crime against humanity.

May God have mercy of the souls on all those that aided and abetted the war against Ivermectin - a Crime Against Humanity - the corrupt Big Pharma & Big Tech, the politicians that shut down debate on Ivermectin in Federal Parliament, the government health bureaucrats, the Australian media (especially the ABC) - for I can never forgive you for the evil that you’ve been part of.
Thank you to those who send supportive messages about my legal action described below with video link to channel social3state. Your support and acknowledgment is so kind and appreciated. Thank you. Let's keep fighting back. Never give up.
Thank you for watching the video.
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I am attempting to get as many truth videos on blockchain platforms as possible. I believe this is very important as unlike the internet, the blockchain cannot be censored. Some content creators object to blockchain so I have taken it upon myself to upload their content to the blockchain. This obviously takes time.
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Social3state is specific to my own self-representing court case for criminal injuries compensation in the UK which is slow moving and therefore few updates. The case has since ended and I won. However, being traumatised as a victim of crime and then having to self-represent my own case I need some time to come to terms with what has just happened and what is coming down the tracks.

It exposes the lack of justice within the legal system and how victims of serious crimes in the UK do not receive true representation but rather a no win, no fee’profit based representation which ultimately prevents true justice ever reaching the courts unless those victims self-represent their own case like myself. This has been a long project since this case has dragged on for over 7 years.

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