👨‍💻 ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #50 🎮 What Games Do You Play? 🕹️ With Ecency Prizes

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Authored by @justinparke


Greetings Hivers, @justinparke here with another new ASEAN Hive Community Challenge for you all, 🎮 What Games Do You Play? 🕹️, so get your controllers and joysticks ready my fellow ASEAN Hivers.

🎮 What Games Do You Play? 🕹️

👨‍💻 Week #50 👩‍💻

March 20th ➡️ March 27th, 2023

     For this challenge I mostly have electronic gaming in mine, whether handheld, console or even pc gaming, but as always I can bend the rules and allow tabletop games for those of you that aren't digital gamers. Consider sharing things such as why you like the game(s), the plot, strategy, and anything else you think might be relevant information.

     I grew up with Atari and NES, so these are the systems I grew up playing, things like Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, and since then gaming has come along way, especially in the way of of graphics and computing power. I have an emulator to play Dreamcast cast games on my pc, but I've never had time to experiment with it. Gamers, it's your time to shine, so please join and have some fun, perhaps even share some cheat codes if that is still a thing.

Week #49 ASEAN Hive Challenge Winners
🎍 The Beauty Of Bamboo 🎋

     There were only two entries submitted for this week's challenge, but nonetheless but submitted entries were good reads. Last week's winner was @tegoshei, and she could've easily won again with her outstanding bamboo entry, so I have awarded her 3rd and 2nd prize, making our two winners receive an equal share this week. I really wish we had the bamboo from @godslove123's post growing in our forest, it is such a good variety for construction purposes.

1st Prize 🏆 10% Beneficiary & 125 Ecency Points

Aseanhive Challenge|| "The Beauty Of Bamboo"
by: @godslove123

I would like to share my few ideas as well as the beauty of the our place because of the bamboos and how it helps to us here a lot. Here in the country [Philippines], there are a lot of bamboos can be seen in different places particularly in the Province. Most of the bamboos can be seen near at the river because it helps to prevent the place from being eroded.

2nd Prize 🥈 6% Beneficiary & 75 Ecency Points

ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #49: The Beauty Of Bamboo <3
by: @tegoshei

This is the back and side of our store. You may notice a white plywood as well... we sometimes use it for watching movies when we use the mini projector outside the house. :) That's the reason why it's white unlike the bamboo which are painted blue.

3rd Prize 🥉 4% Beneficiary & 50 Ecency Points

  &nbsp ; There were only two entries submitted this week, and because @tegoshei's post was so good, I have decided to award her the extra 4% of the BRONZE share.

🎮 What Games Do You Play? 🕹️

👨‍💻 Week #50 Challenge 👩‍💻

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🏆 1st prize - 10% & 125 Ecency Points
🥈 2nd prize 6% & 75 Ecency Points
🥉 3rd prize - 4% & 50 Ecency Points

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  • post body must contain a minimum 250+ word count
  • entry must be published in the ASEAN Hive Community
  • first tag must be #aseanhive
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 6 months ago  

Wow! Congrats to the winners loved their bamboo entries.....hmmmm, for the games, haha I am not really a fan of playing games just Wordscapes
and solitaire on my phone, very jurassic... Hahaha.... I cannot join but perhaps how about the tiled table games but not mahjong😁😁 purely entertainment family wholesome game. Does that count Justin?? Thank you.

 6 months ago  

I know Wordscapes, I have played it a few times years ago. It was very much like Scrabble. Sorry to answer your question so late that it doesn't help you, life has been hectic this week. Yes, board games or any kind of games are/were acceptable for this challenge, but I had mostly electronic gaming in mind.

 6 months ago  

Haha, it's okay Justin no worries. I am excited on the next round hope I can join in.
Hope all is doing great on your side. Regards to your wonderful family.🥰

Bamboo is common here in our place and my father's planted some. I really wanted to join the previous challenge but I really didn't find time to visit some places using bamboos. Congrats winners.

About games? Hmmm I'm not playing digitally. Table top? I remember playing card games when my father died. Might be I will be glad seeing other's entries again this time.

 6 months ago  

Most of my digital gaming days are behind me now, but I do like to play board games and card games with my family when we have time.

 6 months ago  

Congratz to the winners for winning the last week Bamboo theme challenge. 👏

As for the current challenge, here is my entry

What Games Do You Play? - Past and Present

I think this is my first to join the ASEAN Hive Community challenge for this year 😅. !PIZZA

 6 months ago  

Thanks for joining, always good contest entries from you.

 6 months ago  

Wow, I am very surprised, thank you very much my friend. The next challenge is very exciting too, and I really want to join. Congratulations to all participants for the BAMBOO CHALLENGE. See you on the next challenge hivers.

 6 months ago  

Thank you for joining with such a good entry, and it was my pleasure to see you in the winners' circle.

 6 months ago  

You're welcome my friend. I am very excited on the next challenge. 😁

Congratulations to the winners.

Indeed bamboo is really useful in all aspects. You can build house by using a bamboo,it can also be used as a fence and many more.

Great topic!

 6 months ago  

I wish the wild variety in the forest near us was a little stronger and thicker. It rots easily and is not good for construction, so we have ordered some varieties online that we are now growing.

 6 months ago  

Hello aseanhivers, Let me try to share my entry for this week with the theme, WHAT GAMES DO YOU PLAY... https://peakd.com/hive-141359/@godslove123/aseanhive-challenge-what-games-do-you-play

Enjoy reading..

 6 months ago  

Thank you for joining this one, gonna have a read tonight.

 6 months ago  

You're welcome my friend. 😊

 6 months ago  

Thank you!!! and I love this week's topic. :)
Here's my entry ---> https://ecency.com/hive-141359/@tegoshei/asean-hive-community-challenge-50

 6 months ago  

Always a pleasure to see you in the weekly challenges.

 6 months ago  

I used to play the Game Boy by Nintendo. I loved the Super Mario game on it.

 6 months ago  

I once had a GameBoy, long before a color screen was an option. I had several games I enjoyed very much on my GameBoy, but I can't remember the names of any of them now. I do think there was one called Kirby, a little pink blob that wants to eat everything.

 6 months ago  
 6 months ago  

Thanks for joining my friend, so many good entries to read for this challenge.

 6 months ago  

Thank you too sir @justinparke I'm always happy to join the contest it was a lot of fun.

Yay! 🤗
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 6 months ago  


 6 months ago  

congratulations, everyone and @godslove123

 6 months ago  

Thank you for your showing some ASEAN Hive love.

 6 months ago  

Yes! I won! Am gonna take this challenge!

 6 months ago  

Thank you my friend, I think I noticed your entry even though you didn't share the link in the comments 😉. That's okay, I remember in the past you told me you never want to win because you would rather see the winnings go to other ASEAN Hivers.

You kind of inspired this challenge when we talked about the PARAMA app/project you are helping with.

 6 months ago  

Wow, awesome post, thanks for taking part.

Oh thanks for the prize as well. Hehe

 6 months ago  
 6 months ago  

Thanks, going to read in just a bit.

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