3 months ago  

looks like a lovely place. I think your room in particular looks fantastic. A lot of people complain about the lack of sun this time of year but as it is here in Krabi, I actually prefer when the sun isn't out as long as it isn't raining all day.

 3 months ago  

I can imagine you in the truck going out helping the fur babies, neither crazy sunshine nor raining all day do any good for you, but that's just how tropical countries are.

 3 months ago  

I like the beach. it's really clean. The plate of noodles also looks very delicious with lots of toppings

 3 months ago  

Best part of this place is that it's quite affordable. Talking about less than $100 to put a night on a water chalet.

Whoa I would love to add this to my waiting travel list 😀

 3 months ago  

Do let me know when you visit. We can go hangout at some restaurants 🙂

For sure! ✌️

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 3 months ago  

Beautiful place to visit my friend.

 3 months ago  

Thank you my friend. Please do visit when you have a chance.

 3 months ago  

Soon, hopefully


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很好咧…… 还有公司旅行

 3 months ago  


 3 months ago  

Perfect place for a weekend get away!

 3 months ago  

Come. Uncle take you see gold fish 🤣 (only if you get the joke)

 3 months ago  

forgetful? not sure though. LOL

 3 months ago  

Nah. It was a Chinese tale, where a middle aged pedophile deceives little girls by telling them he's got gold fish at the penthouse, subsequently take the girls to the rooftop and ... Well you know.

On a not so serious note, the title "gold fish uncle" is now known to sarcastically addressing someone pervert 🤣 including self proclaim gold fish uncle like me.

good place, good trip!

 3 months ago  



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 3 months ago  
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 3 months ago  

Looks like a nice escape from what otherwise might be a work day. The buffet reminded me of the time in Ecuador the airlines stranded us for five days and gave us hotel and buffet vouchers. We only had 2 meals a day to use, so we became masters of smuggling fruit and desserts back to our room after we left the dining area.

I've got a lot of catching up to do, finally got a little free time and I'm scrolling your blog for life updates.

 3 months ago  

Well, their buffet is alright. Most of the stuff is very hard to "hide". My favorite was that honey dew soup. Wish I have a bottle to smuggle some.