MakeMeSmile Season 3 WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

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WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

Thank you @tattoodjay for the collaboration! WednesdayWalk and MakeMeSmile are two challenges that have similar intention and that is to bring FUN and SMILE to the HIVE!

We are now a weekly collaboration!!! YES! DOUBLE the FUN every week with us WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile!!! Share you WALK and SMILE with us!!!

If you are not familiar with WednesdayWalk, check out the walks HERE!

We will be giving out HIVE to some of you as a token of appreciation! We love to see your WALK and SMILE!

Last week prizes were given to @chocolatescorpi. Thanks for sharing your WALK and SMILE.


a. Basically, it will still be the same as the first season. Your post can be in writing, singing, video, poem, drawing, photography, etc... The most important element is your post Make "ME" Smile. Remember, the ME is whoever read/view/listen your post and this includes YOURSELF.
b. Your content must be ORIGINAL CONTENT.
c. Please include at least 50 words in your post.


Happy Wednesday everyone! Stay safe! Stay at home... 4000++ cases today... OMG... And today is the first day of school... Luckily we are having online learning now... It is super scary to send our little ones to school now...

My girls have a great time "in school" (online) today... Compared to last year, the classes are much more organized and timetable are more compact now. At least they have more classes now. The school combine a few classes together to learn together... Keep up the great work to all the teachers and students!!!💪💪💪♥️♥️♥️

For today's walk... I am taking a walk down my memory lane... Going back in time to December 2019... Me and my family went back to my hometown and we went up the hill... To Kundasang...

My girls missed the Desa Dairy Farm... I missed the weather there... It was super cold the time we were there... I couldn't imagine we could have 13°C here in Malaysia...


Little Vinnie taking photo by herself...



I think this is shot by Little Vinnie as well... 🤣🤣🤣


My girls I think they started to take after me... They will shoot things whenever they get the chance too...

Hope you all have a great week ahead! With love.♥️♥️♥️

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Thank you @elizacheng for the prize last week and the mention too!

Looks like you and your family had a lovely little Wednesday walk too!
Is dairy milk a big thing in Malaysia?

 4 months ago 

You are most welcome!
Milk is one of the main drinks for the kids...

I'm suprised that it is dairy milk that you guys consume over there as I thought that dairy was more of a GIANT western health scam!

I was under the impression that most Asian countries drank non dairy milks as a staple instead.

 4 months ago 

We do consume milk but not as much as in the Western countries.

 4 months ago 

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Glad you are keeping safe and your girls are happy to be back doing school even if it is online.
Those are cute cow statues and cute girls too!

I have a #MakeMeSmile and #WednesdayWalk post for you at:

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