@HIVEUPME Latest Update - 08-09-2020

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Hi All,
We are happy to announce that @hiveupme curation project successfully launched a Web UI for the people who wish join the project - UPME.LINK.


Below list of features that we successfully added with the Web UI.
  • Check Your Outgoing Delegation Details - You can check outgoing delegation details of given Hive Username.
  • Delegate To @HIVEUPME By Using Hive-Keychain - Now you can delegate to our Curation service @hiveupme via Hive-Keychain.
  • Check Your VAULT Token Balance Details - By using this feature, you can get VAULT token balance details of any given Hive Username.
  • Check Your HIVE POWER (HP) Details - With this feature, you can calculate your existing HIVE POWER that can be used to delegate or power down.
  • Check Your Incoming Delegation Details - Here you can find all incoming delegations to given Hive Username.
  • Check @HIVEUPME Incoming Delegation Details - You can check latest incoming delegation details to @hiveupme, our main Curation account.


Here we have added two features as
  • Calculate Your VAULT Token Swap To HIVE Details
  • SWAP VAULT Token To HIVE Ratio = 1 : 10 (0.1 HIVE For 1 VAULT Token)
Our backend script of Swap VAULT to HIVE, process in every 10 minutes time period. If @swap.vault account has enough HIVE to Swap, it will process, then send VAULT tokens to @null to burn. If @swap.vault has no enough HIVE tokens to process the Swap, it will refund your VAULT tokens.

VAULT Market & Token Supply Details

Here you can find Vault market details & token supply information as well.

@HIVEUPME Delegation APR Details

Now you can find our last day APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of delegation reward distribution details by clicking this link.

Upcoming Changes?

Since 15th of September, 2020 we will introduce below changes to the Curation reward distribution.
  • We will remove Developer delegations from Blacklist, while calculating delegation rewards. (This is the main reason to have higher APR values)
  • We will increase delegator share (percentage) from 90% to 95%.


"Delegate To @hiveupme Curation Project & Earn 95% Curation Rewards"
Contact Us : CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel or Join Us : UPMELINK Web Site


What’s the requirement to have upvotes?

Nothing, we upvote posts at GEMs community & we check recent posts & share upvote to latest post which is passed 5 mins post time.


So every post get rewards or there is a choice to make for delegates.?

It randomly choose 1 post when it's voting power reached to 99.8%


Design by @roger.remix | GIF created by @suheri

Appreciate the continued progress and transparency...

@tipu curate

Thank you very much for your continuous great support toward us!


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What is the value token?

I think you mean the value of the token?
It's soft-pegged to 0.1 HIVE. That means 10 VAULT = 1 HIVE.


No just generelly, I didn't understand. What is the use? :D

What you will do if you earn any kind of token? Then the same thing will apply with the VAULT token!


gracias por la visita y su aporte,espero contar con usted para seguir adelante,saludos desde venezuela,saludos y un abrazo



Congratulations @hiveupme!
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Wao I love this how can I be a part

You can delegate to @hiveupme curation project & earn 95% delegation reward.


Delgate 101 HP....