OOTD Compilation | Be Confident ✨

It's been six months of this year 2022 and been 2 months since I posted here on hive. I noticed in my camera roll that from the past month, I have some pictures of my Outfit of the day (OOTD). I thought, maybe I can share it here cause why not?😁


Pictures are in mirror shot. This post is kinda photo dump of my outfit so I hope you like it!🤗

I think I wore this when I attended a mass with my friends. It is a Mossimo floral blouse with high waist jeans. I also wore high heels👠. Overall, the attire is comfortable.

Me and my fam went to my cousin to celebrate her birthday. A high waist jean, bralette and a white long sleeve🤍.

This is the polo made by my grandmother. One of my fav outfit✨. Very comfortable and simple yet stylish. I wore this when I attended the mass💛

Its just a Lacoste polo, skin tone pants, and a pair of skin tone sandals. My taste of color vary. Well that day, I chose for nude like colors.

It's a blouse in an avocado color!. Don't know that I'll be into this kind of color. It's cute isn't it? It is also one of those masterpiece by my grandmother. I matched it with high waist pants and white shoes.

You might notice that most of my outfit was for sunday mass. That's the only day where I can actually wear something casual/formal aside from just short and shirt in the daily basis. I think I wore this one when I went on my classmate house.

Well, the blouse looks familiar, right? Haha it's the actual match of the one that I wore with the pants. It's avocado color blouse with knee length skirt. What makes the skirt more sophisticated is its side slit! I love that part💖. I wore this when I attended the mass.

This is kinda amazing cause it used to be a coat and I requested to my grandmother if she can transform it into crop top polo and skirt. Look at the result, isn't it amazing!😁 I matched it with brown bralette.

You might notice the change in jacket. Hahaha it was hard to choose. I wore this when I went on my school. We had laboratory that day. You might ask, why do I have to wear jacket when it is really hot in the Philippines?. That's the main reason. I ridden on a motorcycle so I do had to wore a jacket to protect from the intense heat by the sun. To protect my skin in particular.

This is the last mirror shot that I have taken. I think I also attended the mass that day. I just wore an oversized high waist pants matched it with mustard flowery blouse.

This post has been on my draft for the past 2 months. I have been so busy on my acads that's why I didn't had the time to continue writing this post. Despite on leaving our house for almost everyday now, I don't usually take a mirror shot on my attire so forgive me if I don't have much picture to share.

In general, I rarely wear dresses and high heels. Not your typical girl but I love wearing comfortable outfits. I hate it when I am too conscious because no matter how beautiful the dress is, when I am uncomfortable I tend to lose my confident.

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." —Diane von Furstenberg

Inhale Confident,
Exhale Doubt.


just like you, I wear hoodie and jacket whenever I am outside because I ride on a motorbike. Sure it's hot but from my experiences of getting into accidents, they protect my skin and often, I didn't get any scratches on the parts that are covered with my jacket. It might be quite unreasonable for some non-sea people but once they get it, they get it 😂

I actually didn't think about the accident, maybe because I haven't been in one. Hopefully won't happen to any of us. Keep safe on riding your motorbike!☺️

😂 yeah just as precaution, wearing jacket is adding extra safety. Sometimes protecting our skin from direct sunlight too esp when the UV is high. I love your other outfits too !

Thank you!☺️

hi thats cool outfit

 2 years ago  
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Great mixing and matching! I like the last one, with the oversized denim jeans the most! It suits you so well.

By the way, there’s also #HiveFashion maybe you can try to explore the community too.

I didn't know about it. Thank you!☺️

No worries! This community is also great though!