Bringing Joy at a Community Event for Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims

Bringing Joy at a Community Event for Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims

Hi Freinds,

Earlier this week, I had the honor of volunteering at a special community event that brought smiles to many faces. My friend's local bar hosted a meet-and-greet for children and adults affected by Agent Orange in partnership with the Da Nang Association for Victims of Agent Orange. Despite a rainy day, the uplifting gathering provided games, donations, and a sense of inclusion.

On the overcast afternoon, families arrived by bus to the bar, which had cleared space on the second floor and brought in extra seating. I was able to provide some entertainment through juggling, acting silly, and engaging the enthusiastic kids in silly dances and games. Laughter filled the out door space.

The highlight was welcoming representatives from the McCain Foundation, who were presenting a generous grant to the Organization to support their efforts. It was moving to see international community engagement making a real difference. The bar provided a comfortable central venue for this meaningful exchange.

As the event wrapped up, I could see the joy on the kids' faces as we surprised them with a donation of ice cream sundaes too! I got to run outside in the rain and present each child with their sweet treat as they boarded the bus back home. Their bright smiles warmed my heart.



Though a simple gathering, this type of community outreach creates bonds, spreads cheer, and provides resources for those who need it most. I'm thankful to have been a small part facilitating those connections through entertainment. Every person deserves to feel recognized and included.

Building each other up through service is one of the most rewarding acts. I look forward to future opportunities to donate my time and energy to uplift others.

Small moments of joy can make the biggest difference.

I am in the back on the left side


Time helping is rewarding watching the faces light up being accepted in communities, a little cheer goes a long way!

@tipu curate

This definitely is a wonderful gathering where peoples and especially children get to meet people. Ice creams should have made the day more special for children.

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