Discovering Danang's Hidden Havana-Style Cafe

Discovering Danang's Hidden Havana-Style Cafe

Hello SE Asia friends,

One joy of living in Da Nang is that new cafes and coffee shops keep popping up, even after years in the city. Tucked down alleys or on side streets, these hidden gems reveal themselves through word of mouth. Recently a friend brought me to a new spot channeling retro Cuban vibes, from the decor to the experimental drinks. While not every offering was a success, exploring new cafes always makes for memorable adventures.


Today let's talk about "Tan. Coffee".

Tan. Coffee

Adress: 10 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Bình Hiên, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Google map link :



Entering the nondescript shop, I was immediately transported into a different era and continent. The minimalist space featured exposed stucco walls, tropical plants, and antique wood furnishings that evoked Old Havana. I could almost smell the cigars.


Upstairs, an open-air loft with a skylight flooded the cafe with sunshine.


The space would be perfect for lounging with a coffee while looking out over the busy street below. For now, we picked a rustic ground floor table to try the house specialties.


Reviewing the menu, unique drinks caught my eye like Vietnamese coffee with ice cream or a "corn coffee" with popcorn garnish. Intrigued, I ordered the latter while my friend chose a standard iced coffee. The buttery popcorn topping seemed whimsical on my corn-infused drink.


However, upon tasting it, the overwhelming sweetness and artificial corn flavor immediately turned me off. I should have known the caramel-hued brew was too good to be true AHHAHAHA. Thankfully, the regular black coffee provided familiar relief from my adventure in novelty.


While the experimental corn coffee struck out in my view, I applaud the cafe's spirit of innovation and theme. The little details in decor and menu contributed to a transportive atmosphere. Their creativity will undoubtedly improve with time, even if some attempts miss the mark for now.


Have you discovered any quirky concept cafes in your hometown? Share in the comments below! While corn coffee wasn't for me, I love exploratory coffee shop owners who keep things fresh.

Here's to many more mornings of discovery in Da Nang's burgeoning cafe scene.


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