Finding Respite from the Rain in a Cozy Da Nang Tea House

Finding Respite from the Rain in a Cozy Da Nang Tea House

Rainy travelers enter the tea house

Hi Friends,

As monsoon season persists in central Vietnam, rainy nights call for warming cups of tea and cozy conversations indoors. Recently, as a chilly downpour fell in Da Nang, a friend and I ducked into a charming little tea house to escape the elements. Stepping into this hidden haven, the brews, ambience, and company provided the perfect antidote to a dreary night.

The only sign for the shop on the street

My friend was soon leaving town for a few weeks, so we wanted to meet up before their trip. As showers soaked the city, we found refuge in this tucked-away tea spot we'd never tried, locating it via a mapping app. From the maze of busy streets, entering the tea house felt like being transported into a peaceful cottage.

Relaing path

We were immediately struck by the warm, inviting atmosphere. Soft lighting and rustic wood furnishings made the modest space feel instantly calming.

Flowers, so nice

Our friendly host showed us upstairs to a private table overlooking the street below, promising to return shortly with menu suggestions.

The Bach Tra Tien is what we got

Perusing the extensive tea offerings, we opted for steaming cups of aromatic white lotus flower tea, known for its soothing properties. As raindrops pattered on the window beside us, our host returned gracefully carrying a tray with tea set and thermos. The scene seemed transported from ancient Asia.

Preping the tea for us

Over the next hour, we savored the earthy floral brew while catching up about life's recent adventures and challenges. The ambience made conversation flow easily. By the time we reluctantly departed, the rains had cleared and my soul felt renewed.

Nice place to sit

Sitting in this soothing tea house, I felt confused why more people don't opt for these experiences at night rather than loud bars. There's certainly a place for dancing and socializing at clubs. But sometimes you crave more chill vibes without booze and noise. Places like tea houses allow that vibe - warmth, connection, reflection.

Tea plate

I wish there were more alternative nightlife spots facilitating socializing in a mellow ambiance. I remember things like oxygen bars existing years ago. Maybe new concepts like a 24-hour tea house could thrive! People need gathering places promoting existence over inebriation.

Heating up the tea cups

Heating the tea pot

If we get creative, there could be venues providing that mood without self-destructive aspects. Between speakeasies, oxygen lounges, and tranquil tea houses, the possibilities are endless. We just need to collectively envision and manifest new ways to enjoy nightlife. The world needs more havens facilitating human connection through joy and mindfulness rather than escape.

The lose tea leaves

The tea leaves.

I look forward to returning to this charming spot when I need an infusion of coziness and companionship. Have you discovered any favorite local tea houses or cafes to escape foul weather?

HIdden Balconey

Looking into the shop


Let me know in the comments below! For now, I'll treasure the memory of steaming cups and camaraderie while raindrops danced across old window panes.

Top down of the Tea

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Wow the place is very fascinating and relaxing because of the ornamental plants found in the place.

Yes it's such a beautiful and relaxing location I enjoy it a lot. I think I'll go back again soon

How I wish I could visit that place also.

I love the bright mood of the place you've shared with us. This is exactly the sort of calm I'd seek after a chaotic day, and am now ready to decompress. I like the way you framed the photos which really show off the warmth of the place. If I ever get over to Vietnam, I may just have to give this place a visit! :)

Thanks friend. I do enjoy sitting inside cool places like that and the round circle door concept is super cool. I think when I have a home my own all my doors are going to be around like that. Habab

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A wonderful tea ceremony style in Danang