Refreshing My Rental Home's Entrance with Uplifting Garden Planters

Refreshing My Rental Home's Entrance with Uplifting Garden Planters

Hi Friends,

There's truth in the saying "your home is your castle" - the space you inhabit deeply impacts your mindset. While renting short-term, I've put off personalizing my space. But recently I realized a small outdoor makeover could uplift my headspace. Refreshing my home's front entrance with the gardens helped transform it from drab to welcoming. Sometimes a few green touches go a long way for the spirit.

Here is a photo of the location previous to me cleaning it up and getting plants.

previous mess

As a transient renter, it's easy to simply exist in a space without ever making it your own. But coming and going each day, the first view that greets you holds power. I finally accepted my bland cement front yard was no castle entrance!

This is the location after I cleaned up the mess a bit..

So empty

Pig looks sad, he needs a garden too

Contacting a local nursery, they helped select lively planters to flank my front door. I also requested trimming back unruly banana tree stalks (Or its palm.. I am not sure) that made things look messy. After about 1.5 hours of work, I was amazed by the uplifting impact.

Starting to fix it

Now, returning home I'm greeted by joyful bursts of color from green jungle plants versus drab emptiness.

Moving trees

The trimmed greenery lets sunlight shine through, making the space seem more open and free. Stepping from the busy road into this sanctuary, I instantly feel my stress dissolve.

Planting and moving trees

My friend teased this little garden is my new "moat of tranquility" protecting my castle keep. There's truth in that - even rental homes deserve security and coziness. A nurtured landscape permeates your spirit. I wish I'd done this sooner. The feeling of zen only cost me 1,100,000 VND, so not that bad.

Final garden!

Have you personalized rental or temporary spaces to boost your mood? I welcome garden advice below! While short-term, little touches like this help create a nourishing environment, even within four walls that aren't your own. Here's to more imagination transforming houses into havens, wherever you lay your head.

So peacefull

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 4 months ago  

I agree with you that flowers and other ornamental plants will make spaces refreshing and the evergreen surroundings give things to have peace of mind. Glad to know that you have been more than 9 years of being a freelance writer and graphic designer. See you around my friend!

 4 months ago  
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