Beat the Heat: More River Adventures


The increasing heat index seems no end.
For the past days, we have been enduring a very hot summer that even moving inside the house would make one sweat.
My family decided to embark on yet another adventure to beat the summer heat: go back to the river.

We packed some food as well as the butane stove and some pots and now we are ready to go!

This time too, we hiked from the house all the way to river. It was about 40 minutes hike.

By the time we reached the river, we decided to move further up stream for a good swimming spot for the adults too.


We had to walk along the shallow parts of the river because it is quicker rather than following the footpath which leads further away.


This is my family trying to locate better ways to get upstream. Watch out! The stones might be slippery.


This is a nice spot! -Dog

We moved further up until we found a nice spot to stay, a big rock where all of us can sit and rest. There is also a spot where we can cook food. Below the rock is a good place to swim.


This part is on the other side of the rock where we stayed, the overflow of the swimming spot.


A photo of the mountain where the waters of the river flows from.

While the others went for a dip, some of us prepared our food. While it is hot and we would have been most likely be swimming, we are all hungry from the hike so we needed to prepare the food as quick as we can.

Once ready, the food was gone fast and of course, after eating, we all went to swim.

Swimming is so refreshing. The water is clean and cold. This is indeed the best way to beat the summer heat.

How about you? How do you beat the summer heat?

📌Hi. I'm Cate. This is our nature trip with the family. While this river is a bit far, we enjoyed the hike especially that I got to spend it with the family, lots of stories and lots of jokes.


I just arrived from the mountain and it is cold there. We escaped the heated weather in my place, but now were back. Your idea to bring tent along the river and botane is great. We don't need to seek for house where to sleep during the nightfall. I'm just hesitant to bring tent and sleep during the night along the river because it may flood when the rain comes. The current is strong like we cannot move. Sorry, I just remember when I was drowning long time ago. The rain came, I couldn’t move caused by a strong current. My uncle immediately jumped to save me and here I am alive.

woooow... that's so scary.
it's good your uncle was there to save you in time. swimming in the river is really refreshing. maybe you just have to check the weather update to make sure it doesnt rain so you can enjoy camping beside the river.

is it cold there? its good to have this relaxing place

It's hot and humid but I feel refreshed after bathing in the river.

 last month  

The current temperature has risen quite a lot. And because of this temperature, going out somewhere has become very difficult. You have gone for a river cruise with your family and the places look amazing all around. You have swum there and you have also eaten there. Best wishes for your day.

Thank you! It really was a day of adventure and fun.

I visited the river a few weeks ago, and I believe I had a similar memorable experience as you. I am eager to visit another river, as it appears that I enjoy taking trips and going on adventures.

it really is enjoyable. while sometimes tiring but once you see those beauties, it is relaxing.

 last month  

nature is one of the natural beauties that ever existed, I think bathing there will feel cooler.

indeed it is. beating the heat.

 last month  


Seriously, the heat today is just too much. You'll wake up in the morning already feeling it.

And this ia such a nice way to beat the heat. The place looks stunning. It is surrounded with nature which make it more appealing. Wish I can visit that place someday and enjoy the river too.

True. Even at night, I actually sweat a lot because of the heat and humidity.
The Philippines has a lot of hidden wonders and rivers waiting to be discovered.

 last month  
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This is so relaxing, nature is the best ☺️

I agree! Beat the heat with a nature trip to the river.

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