Jing Jok returns home after recovering from massive head wound


You may recall the other day when we were informed that a dog at the Tiger Cave Temple was wandering around with a massive head wound on his body. We do not know how this happened but it could have been a fight or it could have been contact with a car, which is very common in this area. Normally the dogs at the Tiger Cave Temple don't wander off premises very often because it is a massive complex and there is plenty of food and shelter for them there. For whatever reason though, Jing Jok wandered off and came back hurt.

The road to recovery took a while but we are delighted that all went well and now he is aback in his home area.


Like many of the other dogs at the Tiger Cave Temple complex, Jing Jok doesn't mind being handled and is accustomed to interaction with humans. Although I do have to admit that he probably likes me a bit more than most people because whenever he sees me I tend to have a snack for him.


you can see on his head there where the massive cut was and it healed up wonderfully. He has been away for a few weeks so we slowly reintroduced him to the pack that were presumably his buddies before he went away on medical leave.


It only took a few moments for everyone to become reunited and things went well. There was plenty of tail wagging and happiness all around. Now we just hope that Jing Jok can manage to stay out of trouble because this was a rather frightening injury and one that almost certainly would have resulted in his death had the monks not informed us of the injury.


if you would like to see how you can help out or simply spread the word, please visit our website at



Krabi Animal Welfare is a charity run entirely by volunteers and are a registered non-profit organization in Thailand and the U.K.. We aim to relieve the pain and suffering of dogs and cats within Krabi Province.




It is amazing how quickly animals can heal from something so serious that without treatment would mean almost certain death. It would have to be pretty serious to give up on a patient as this looked very serious.

 3 months ago  

Yeah, this one was particularly bad and had it not been for the monks spotting him he probably would have just crawled off to die somewhere as dogs tend to do when wounded, instinctually.

I'm very glad that he is okay now and even reunited with his buddies. And i just hope he stop wandering around anymore, so that no accident will ever happen again.

 3 months ago  

well unfortunately without real owners there is no way that anyone can control this. This is one of the many problems with homeless dogs in urban environments. But yes, we hope he doesn't see any more accidents as well.

 3 months ago  

I am sad to hear about what happened to Jing Jok with a massive head wound. But I am happy that it has recovered from a great dilemma. It's nice to see Jing Jok back home with your other pets. Best regards and have a nice time my friend!

 3 months ago  

thanks for that! we were worried that Jing Jok was going to die at one point so the recovery has us all very pleased.

Ohh poor dog, it such a relief that Jing Jok is now very well..greetings🤗

 3 months ago  

yes, we are quite pleased with the recovery as well! :)

 3 months ago  
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