Food for family, cooked by my wife with the chemical free vegetables I plant in my home garden part 81 : Green curry with chicken, Fried pork mixed vermicelli sausage eat with bird's eye chilli.



Hello everyone. 😊 This post is another story about the food my wife cooked. Of course, the some ingredients for this post, my wife harvested from some of the chemical free vegetables I plant in the home garden.
The menu for this post is green curry with chicken. This menu is Central Thai food. It is an ancient Thai food and a popular food of Thai people. The taste of green curry is slightly salty and sweet.

The my wife cooked green curry with chicken for the family yesterday. The reason she cooked the menu was because it was our favorite food and the kids could eat it. She cooked it without chili for the kids. Additionally, many of the vegetables in the home garden for this menu can be harvested. So she harvested the vegetables before they withered to cook green curry.

This post, What vegetables does the wife harvest in the home garden to cook green curry? Take a look. The first vegetable is green brinjal. There are now 3 green brinjal trees in the home garden that can be harvested. And many small green brinjal seedlings.
IMG20231122091159_091817.jpg green brinjal

The second vegetable is basil. I only have 3 basil plants in the garden. But they are enough for our family.
IMG20231122091301_091744.jpg basil

The third vegetable is yardlong beans. There are 7 yardlong bean plants in the home garden. Although now, these yardlong beans are being infected with plant diseases. But now it is many blooming and bearing fruits.
IMG20231122090953_092109.jpg yardlong bean

The last vegetable is kaffir lime leaves. The only kaffir lime tree in the home garden. I planted this kaffir lime tree many years ago. And it can be harvested to cooked many times.
IMG20231122091514_091646.jpg kaffir lime

These were all the vegetables the wife harvested in the home garden to cook green curry with chicken.

It's time to cook.😊 Take a look.

Ingredients for green curry with chicken.

  1. chicken and chicken entrails
  2. green brinjal
  3. basil
  4. yardlong bean
  5. kaffir lime
  6. shallots
  7. garlic
  8. shrimp paste
  9. chili pepper
  10. coconut milk
  11. curry paste for green curry

How to cook green curry with chicken.

Step 1 : Pound the garlic, shallots, shrimp paste, chili pepper and curry paste for green curry in a mortar until mixed. And cut all the vegetables into pieces.

Step 2 : Pour a little coconut milk into the pot. Then add the curry paste to the pot and stir-fry until cooked and fragrant.

Step 3 : Put the chicken and chicken entrails in the pot and stir-fry until the chicken and chicken entrails are almost cooked.

Step 4 : Pour water into the pot and boil until the water boils.

Step 5 : When the water is boiling, put the cut ​​green brinjal and cut ​​yardlong bean in the pot and boil.

Step 6 : When cut ​​green brinjal and cut ​​yardlong bean are almost cooked, add the kaffir lime leaves to the pot and boil for a while.

Step 7 : Put the chili peppers in the pot.

Step 8 : Add basil and coconut milk to the pot. Then stir and boil for a while. Turn off the gas stove.

Done, green curry with chicken.
IMG20231122115728_090910.jpg green curry with chicken cooked by wife.

In addition, my wife also fries pork mixed vermicelli sausage. She harvests bird's eye chilli in the home garden to eat with pork mixed vermicelli sausage too.

All our delicious food for this post.

These are the simple and delicious foods my wife cooks for the family I want to share for this post. Take a look and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

 3 months ago  

This thing always attracts me, the taste of something fresh from one's own vegetable garden. This is why I always love your recipes and find myself greedy, ha ha ha. Today's recipe was also great.

 3 months ago  

Thank you for liking it my friend. Have a nice day.

Very delicious food cooked by your friend's wife, hopefully it will be healthy food for your family, friend, best regards from me.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you.

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Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Thank you.

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