Story of me and my family part 137 : Walk around Chaloem Phrakiat Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Enjoy nature and flowers in the park.



Hello everyone. Fang District (the district where I live) and Chai Prakan District are rural districts in the northern of Chiang Mai Province. These districts have many temples and tourist attractions. And I have shared many temples and tourist attractions in these districts in my many posts.
Even though these districts are rural districts. The area is mostly farms and surrounded by nature and mountains. But these districts have parks for people to exercise and relax too.
The park in Fang District is located around the monument to the king and queen of fang city. (King and queen who ruled ancient city in the past in this land). And park in Chai Prakan District are located in the area Fai Chiang Man, Sri Dong Yen Subdistrict.

Several days ago. I had the opportunity and free time to travel in Chai Prakan District. That day we went to the temple in this district. After finishing going to the temple. We don't want to go home. And we want to relax. So we stopped by a park in Chai Prakan District before go home. This public park is called Chaloem Phrakiat Park.
When we arrived at this park. It was 10:20 AM. At that time there were few people in the park. Normally, there were many people in this park in the early morning and evening. And when organizing events in park. We walked around the public park as soon as we arrived at this place. Take a look, the atmosphere in the park. Let's go.


This park is shady and refreshing with many large trees. You can run or walk for exercise around this park, the distance is about 1 kilometer. There is a yard for aerobic exercise and various activities. And there is also plenty of exercise equipment in the park.





Within this park there is also a playground for children. Unfortunately, I didn't take my son and granddaughter to the park that day. Because the children have to go to school. If children get to play on this playground, children will probably enjoy it.




Additionally, there are many benches in the park for sit and taking a break from exercising or sit and relax with nature in the park.




Of course in this park, besides having many trees and there are also many flowers as well. And me and my wife intend to go to the park to walk around the park and enjoy the many trees with flowers. Take a look, many flowers in this park.













That day, it took me and my wife about 1 hour to walk around, enjoying, relaxing taking photos and seeing the green spaces, trees and flowers. We think that if we have free time and opportunity, we will go to this public park again to exercise as well. Even though this park is further than the park in our district. But we really like this park and want go often if we have a chance.

These are the stories and photos I want to share for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

🌏 Chaloem Phrakiat Park is located in Si Dong Yen Subdistrict, Chai Prakan District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

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Wow! A beautiful spot surrounded by lush green nature, I was mesmerized by the scenery, I feel like I fell in love with this beautiful nature. Undoubtedly the best place to have a great time and spend some beautiful moments. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Thank you.

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Thank you.

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