Story of me and my family part 140 : A day of shopping and relax with my wife.



Hello everyone.😊 The some ingredients me and wife bought and stocked up at our home on last week are now out of stock. And some ingredients are almost out of stock. Today we are planning to shopping in several places to stock up on ingredients at home again. Our first morning routine this week was to send our son and granddaughter off to school. Then we journey to do some shopping in various places.

Of course, our shopping must go to the wet market. And our first shopping destination is the wet market. Today we went to Nong Yao Wet Market. A large wet market selling many goods. And it is a popular wet market in our district too. Even though this wet market is about 12 kilometers from our house. And there is a wet market that is closer to our house than this wet market. But me and my wife like shopping at Nong Yao wet market more than other wet markets in our district.

When we reached the wet market, we first made merit at the nearby temple and walked to the wet market. We shopped for many ingredients and goods at this wet market. One of them is krathong and tien in the northern. To prepare for the Loi Krathong festival. This year, the Loi Krathong Festival will be held on Monday, November 27th, Thailand time. Take a look some atmosphere of shopping in our wet market.


Then we journey another 11 kilometers from Wet Market to the urban area of ​​district. Before we go shopping to the next place. It's almost our lunch time. So we go to Lotus to sit and relax and eat ice cream at KFC first. We ate a simple cone of ice cream. KFC's cones of ice cream are our favorite ice cream.

Some atmosphere on the highway journey from wet market to the urban area of ​​our district.

Sit and relax at Lotus and eat ice cream at KFC in Lotus.

It's time for our lunch. At first we planned to eat lunch at the food court in Lotus. But we changed places. We went to another restaurant. We eat at a mini restaurant with thai food cooked to order quite far from Lotus. This a mini restaurant with thai food cooked to order is delicious and cheap. It's worth the journey to eat lunch at this mini restaurant with thai food cooked to order. Today we eat stir-fried crispy pork with basil and rice, we also eat papaya salad.

Some atmosphere on the highway while going to a restaurant. This restaurant is located along the highway.

The atmosphere in the mini restaurant with thai food cooked to order where we ate today.
IMG_20231120_113516.jpg Papaya salad
IMG_20231120_113519.jpg Stir-fried crispy pork with basil and rice.
IMG_20231120_113657.jpg Free clear soup.

After lunch, we changed shopping locations. We went shopping at Makro before Lotus. We shopped at Makro first because it was close to the restaurant where we ate today and Makro sells milk and fruit juice cheaper than other places. In addition, we walked around and checked the prices of goods at Makro.

Some atmosphere on the highway on the way to Makro.

Some atmospheres of our shopping at Makro.

Our final shopping destination is Lotus. Lotus is our favorite supermarket. There are many goods and ingredients that we need and the prices are cheaper than other places. In addition to this, I am also a member of Lotus, collecting points to exchange for prizes. Today so we Shopping at Lotus more than any other place. Take a look, some atmosphere in the supermarket at Lotus.

Today we enjoy and are happy with shopping. We buy many goods and ingredients to stock in our home at cheap and economical prices.
These are the stories and photos I want to share for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

 3 months ago  

Very nice my friend it is very good that you like shopping. We often shop from a preferred store. But if you buy everything from one place. The fact that there is a market price check is neglected. So it is good to go around and buy fresh food. But the view of the wet market is really nice. May God bless you always. Every day we have to buy something. So I think it is better to go around the market and buy all the necessary products at the market price. I pray to God that you will always be well. Hope you have a good day.

best regards @mdakash62

Ohh, it's shopping time. This is also like a bonding between you two. And the food you two eat together looks good, especially the papaya salad.

 3 months ago  

Yes, Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Thank you.