Story of me and my family part 142 : Enjoy our free time at Wet market, Friday market, Drinks and Make merit at an old temple that is more than 1000 years old.



Hello everyone. This sunday is my son's (autistic) birthday. Today me and my wife planned to make merit at the temple before our son's birthday. Because on saturday and sunday my son did not go to school. So we can't go anywhere. Most of the time we have to take care of our son at home. The boy doesn't like going anywhere or crowded places. The boy would become irritated and hurt himself. Today so we planned to go to the temple near our home.
Morning routine, we have to send our son and granddaughter to school first. Then we stopped at the wet market near our son's school to buy things for making merit. We parked at the temple and walked to the wet market. The morning wet market is quite lively. So I took a few photos of the wet market atmosphere in the morning.

When we have finished buying things to make merit. So we immediately went to the temple. The temple we went to today is called Wat Wiang Chai. We journey from wet market to Wat Wiang Chai on highway 107 before journey on rural roads, a distance of approximately 14 kilometers. And these are some of the atmospheres of this journey.
IMG_20231201_085417.jpg The atmosphere on highway 107 this morning is foggy.

IMG_20231201_085507.jpg The atmosphere on rural road with fog.

Wat Wiang Chai is an ancient temple that is over a thousand years old. But the temple has recently been renovated and The temple received permission to establish itself as a temple in A.D. 2010.
When we arrived at the temple. The atmosphere surrounding the temple is like an ancient temple or forest temple. There are many big trees with many old sculptures on the wide yard. This temple does not have an ordination hall (ubosot) and a pagoda. But the first buddha image hall (viharn) of the temple is being built. So me and my wife give the offering dedicated to the monks and made merit to help build the buddha image hall (viharn) of temple too. Take a look at some of the atmosphere in the temple, Enjoy.

Then, we journey to Chai Prakan District to walk around and shopping at the flea market. Every Friday in Chai Prakan District there is a flea market.
Now the weather is getting cool. We want to buy long-sleeved t-shirts and long pants for our son and granddaughter. And eat snacks or food sold at the friday market.
We walked around and I took pictures of the atmosphere in the friday market first. Then we bought snacks and food to eat. And shopping for children's clothes. Take a look the atmosphere in the friday market.

Then me and my wife wanted to drink the cool drinks. We had a chance to go to Chai Prakan District, so we thought of a small coffee shop. This small coffee shop is located on a rural road. The highlight of this small coffee shop is the delicious flavors for prices starting at just 20 baht. Which is cheap but good quality. We therefore like to drink drinks here when we go to Chai Prakan District. Enjoy 😊

These are the stories and photos I want to share for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

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Friend's this place are very beautiful. I am really like this place you capture this amazing best beautiful photos.

Yay! 🤗
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