Landslides of Houses Destroyed and Land Shifted

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The increase in rainfall this month made the disaster come suddenly. No one knew a disaster would come that night, which left all residents panicked and frightened. That afternoon it rained heavily until the night, until around 7 pm the disaster came. Because the rain and water currents are very heavy, some of the land and houses are affected by landslides.
This disaster happened when everyone was resting. Who would have thought that if there would be a landslide, when residents panicked, landslides started from the road to the house, some residents ran to the back of the house to save themselves, they didn't even have time to save important letters. Fortunately there were no fatalities in this incident.








This incident happened in one of the housing complexes near where I live. That night the victims were immediately evacuated to a safer place. I am also concerned about this disaster, grateful that the village head and neighbors are ready to help.
According to the information that I got, the victims affected by the landslide were four houses and one mosque building.
For this landslide occurred at Grand Viona Kuripan Housing. The condition of the less dense red soil makes this place easily affected by landslides. I think the foundation of the house around must be even stronger in order to prevent disasters.


The picture above is a housing condition affected by landslides during the day. We can imagine how panicked they were at the time of the incident. The information is that the Developer is willing to replace the victim's house with a new unit, and for houses affected by landslides will be abandoned and not occupied or not renovated.

In addition to the landslide disaster, there was also a land shift which made housing destroyed like an earthquake. This land looks split and also shifting. This one disaster happened around me too, the place is in the Pomegranate Villa Housing. In my opinion, the condition of the land here is also not good for construction. This incident almost coincided with the landslide disaster.






When the owner of the house heard the sound of a cracked wall and a falling ceiling. Not waiting long for the residents to immediately run out of the house to save themselves. Fortunately, their house did not collapse so that residents could pack valuables and then go to evacuate.

The next day the residents immediately vacated their respective houses. How not to be sad when the house we have been dreaming of will be like this, there are even some people who are willing to save to own the house.
From this incident, we can conclude that we should not just choose a house. There are many things we have to think about and consider, hopefully this incident will not happen again. May Allah replace everything with more sustenance. For those affected by disasters, they must always be patient and sincere. Behind this disaster there must be a lesson.

Thank you for reading my story, see you again, I hope you are always healthy.


Dwi Purwandari

Dwi Purwandari is an ordinary housewife, she doesn't have many activities at home so she is bored. Recently, he started to learn to write, because according to her, writing is a way for her to relieve stress, can improve his mood and can express her feelings as he wants by writing. She has a dream that one day he can become a successful person by writing. Be proud of you because you can write,because not everyone is able to become a writer.

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