Changes from kerosene stoves to subsidized gas stoves


Who is not familiar with the Tube is colored green. Almost the entire community must know with a tube of green.this tube is a tube which contains gas as fuel for cooking stoves in the kitchen that are mostly used by people who at the beginning of the year 2000 an already move from fuel using a kerosene stove to stove using gas as a fuel his.

The reason many people are moving is because the stock of firewood in the universe that comes from the trees of the wood has already started hard to find, especially in urban areas, the wood of the tree is very rarely found because of the construction of a very rapidly so it is sometimes not restrained again to be able to create a balance between living creatures.

The use of gas is also triggered by the speed of the fire and the heat of his fire obtained from the stove which is sourced from the gas inside the tube is. The resulting fire colored blue indicate the heat of the fire and make a quick dishes can be served so as to save time. Compared with the stove that uses kerosene as a fuel his. Kerosene stove is already very efficient to cook.

With the presence of the gas to shift the dominance of the use of kerosene in the 2000's. At the beginning of the use of gas is a lot of news on tv almost every day there's just a fire accident that caused the gas is leaked then explode and result in fire that scorch the building that most of the building is wood.

In the use of gas is very easy to detect leaks is to smell the scent is not pleasant, this is a signal as a sign that there is a leak in the gas line that exists at that anticipate it, we must do the checking on the gas and see if there is loose or less strict on each component.

These fires caused due to lack of education and understanding given to the society for the prevention of leakage on the tube. Up to this time has already started declining numbers of fires caused by the use of gas. Indeed most of the actual fire sourced from leaking hose connecting the gas to the stove, and that hose is not in accordance with existing standards alias adulterated.

Gas 3 kg is the gas scale-buy only for the poor. This is reinforced saved there is the inscription "only for the poor". So this gas is a gas which is already subsidized so that the public that the economy is less able to be able to buy and to boost her economy as fuel for cooking can be purchased at a cheap price.

This is the program of the government want to do subsidies to the poor through the gas bersubsi is also expected to be right on target. And not infrequently found also eligible for through the purchase of this gas is requested of the identity card. So each agent also requested the accountability report sales of gas to the supervisory function.

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a good solution form the government, but it is hard to applied in the lowest level of the people. because most of the people will buy this 3 kg gas, eventough they supposed no to by it.

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