A busy Sunday with Beautiful Surroundings


Friends, Happy Sunday everyone.

Today started off well, with a mild chill and the sweet warmth of the bright sun making it a very enjoyable day. I found the beginning of the day quite enjoyable. In fact, if the morning of a winter day is cold with light mist and then if there is a good presence of sunshine, then it definitely becomes enjoyable for all.

I love the winter season because, as much as you can enjoy the chill in the morning and evening, you can also enjoy the beautiful warmth of the sun throughout the day. Moreover, the environment is much more beautiful and enchanting. I especially love winter vegetables. See every season produces special vegetables, I love winter vegetables the most.

Due to physical illness, I went out for some time today for a family need. Actually, need does not mean any problem, it is proved again in our country. The current political unrest in our country is not at all pleasant but still today I saw the presence of many people outside. There were too many vehicles on the roads today.

Having said that the atmosphere today was quite nice and bright, as we always expect for a Sunday. Although the weekend day in our country is Friday. And Sunday is the first working day of the week, due to which we are very busy on this day.

Amidst the political unrest, the ruling party is preparing for the elections well, common people have also started coming out despite the blockade. Because people are indefatigable, if you can work, you will get income. Due to which some people are coming out with risk, and those who have the ability are staying safe as usual.

As it is now the month of annual income tax submission, I went to the National Board of Revenue today but to confirm the information. I saw a lot of people presence and noise there. Everyone is trying to file their annual income tax and keep their position better.

After completing work as usual, I am returning home safely. The important thing is that everyone should keep life dynamic and safe from their respective positions. With that, I hope you all tried to have an enjoyable Sunday like I did.

All are my original Photography, device Redmi 9.

Thanks all.




I am a determined girl, I want to take myself to great heights. I know the challenge is tough, but I still want to go ahead and test my abilities. I don't want to lose before I lose, but I want to win through struggle. I love to write, I love to express my imagination.


Your description of the winter morning, the chill in the air, and the warmth of the sun paints a vivid picture of a delightful day. It's great that despite the political unrest, people are going about their daily lives. Best wishes for the ongoing elections to bring more peaceful times.

Like you are very patient in dealing with many people, especially queues faced with noisy people but thankful that everything went smoothly

The side of the road is quite clean and beautiful because the flowers are blooming

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