Liveliness of nature and beautiful Sunday


Friends, Happy Sunday everyone.

The start of the day was quite good, the day started with a good atmosphere due to the beautiful presence of the sun. There was no hint of winter throughout the day, the sun was quite warm and the sun was present throughout the day.

The whole day was really enjoyable with the environment and the beautiful liveliness of nature. Sometimes the brightness of nature makes us happy and sometimes the contrast of nature terrifies us. To be honest, the environment is a little different at this time, because there are storms in late winter and sudden heavy rains.

But we hope that no unexpected situation will arise and beautiful nature will be maintained with beautiful environment. Because next month will start our religious month i.e. Ramadan month. Where we observe fasting from fasting for the whole day, it will be very pleasant for us if the beautiful environment and lively nature is maintained.

Today I was in nature all day, so today Sunday was very lively and refreshing for me. Just as closeness to nature creates a sense of action in our hearts, it also allows us to become more serene. By enjoying the beautiful moments, sorrows go away.

Our heart finds a great connection with greenery, the more greenery you are in, the more vitality you can enjoy. And with this feeling I enjoyed today with nature. To be honest, this opportunity is more available if you go to a village house. Because there is not much opportunity to enjoy nature in the city environment.

I walked along the village roads for quite some time, although the village roads are still dirt which made the feeling better for me. I, however, ventured out late in the day, fearing the sun, photographing the surrounding nature and beautiful scenery, making the most of the beautiful moments. Hope you had a nice Sunday too.

All are my original Photography, device Redmi 9.

Thanks all.




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Seems like a kind of banana plantation there.
Hope the rain doesn't continue or it may be affect the Ramadan activities.

 2 months ago  

We hope the environment will be nice and good during the month of Ramadan. Yes, this banana plantation is not very big.

 2 months ago  
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