My beautiful Sunday with busy schedule


Friends, Happy Sunday everyone.

Today started with a good enough weather, there was no sign of winter but the weather was bright, the sky was very clear and it was sunny throughout the day due to the good presence of the sun. So you can see how beautiful the day was today, although the sky was slightly cloudy at times.

To me, a beautiful and bright environment means an opportunity to enjoy the day to the fullest, because in a city like ours, a beautiful environment means having a good time outside. However, there may be exceptions to this, it is uncertain. But I am sure that today was a good day.

I have been out for quite some time, we have many colleges in this city and each college has its own characteristics, as well as having a good role in national politics on various issues. It would be wrong to say only good roles but there are enough beautiful roles, which we remember in different ways from time to time.

The college located in the area where I spent time today is called Dhaka College, a very old and traditional college. The name of this college has and will continue to be etched in many aspects of our country's history of politics and independence. Because good education always plays a great role in creating a good citizen. And this college has enough role in this field.

In particular, many old students of this college are playing a great role in national politics and are trying to contribute more to the country's service. However, if that is not the introduction, I will share it another day. I go a little further to the traditional Newmarket, do some shopping as I go there. With a beautiful day comes some beautiful shopping for me.

Sometimes the past creeps in even in the beautiful moments, like my college past has crept into my writing environment today hee hee. Indeed every region has something traditional that brings out our past in different ways and creates a great feeling in the heart.

All are my original Photography, device Redmi 9.

Thanks all.




I am a determined girl, I want to take myself to great heights. I know the challenge is tough, but I still want to go ahead and test my abilities. I don't want to lose before I lose, but I want to win through struggle. I love to write, I love to express my imagination.


We also had a very busy Sunday last weekend, and sometimes it gets exhausting at the end of the day but we always see it in a beautiful ending.

More people seems to be out. I hope that is not just due to the better weather but also better times.

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Yes, you are right. Thank you for your wonderful support.

You're weelcome.

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Beautiful environment
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Thank you so much for your feedback.

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