📄 My 2 New Haters, School Quizzes, & More! 👧👧



I want to tell you about my school days, and my two new haters. Other than my 2 new haters I think I have a pretty good school days.


My school days are kinda okay, except for the fact that those 2 girls always giving me glares. I didn't even know what I did to them, I've never even talk to them ever since I started 8th grade. I also heard from a girl in 7th grade but I don't know the girl's name that they even want to fight with me. I'm not a fighter but if they ever start a fight with me, I have to choice but to defend myself. I would prefer to just argue and never talk with them ever again.


Also a few weeks ago we got a flat tire and my dad have to pick us up. It was not a good day, but Khana didn't care she just walk everywhere barefoot. Yeah my dad just put the whole motorbike at the back of the tuk-tuk, with not problem at all.


Also I just almost failed December quiz results, I was like 5th place from being at the bottom. Thanks to my friends who quits school, without them I would be at the bottom. It is not because I didn't study for it, it is because I missed so many quizzes. I missed like 7 or 8 subjects out of like 13 or 14 subjects.


For January I already got the most points, well it is just 2 subjects and I also I already fail 2 subjects. I think I am about to fail Math too, because I am not good at math. Although I love Algebra but not Geometry, but I am never good at it.

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I really don't care, and if they want to hate me they can do it.