🌱🪨 Growing Plants From The Forest In Flower Pots And Rocks 🌳🍂



I take my free time to make natural flower pots and prepare plants to decorate my little cabin. I went to the forest at the waterfall to find some plants and remove them to plant at our house.


In the forest there are plants that grow on living trees, and some grow on dead trees. These plants are sent to the living tree, and there are different kinds of plants that grow on this tree. I can remove some plants from this tree but not all of them because some of them grow too tall.


This plant growing on a dead tree and I’m very interested it. I found it from a few different trees and picked them all.


This plant likes to grow on rotten wood, and I also see it growing near rocks.


I like this plants also, it’s a bit rare and I have never seen it anywhere else. It can be that I just got to know it in this forest. They are growing on dead bamboo.


I saw a lot of these kind of wild flowers in this forest.


I took this wildflower from the rocks and I will plant it on the rocks too.


The plants I picked from in the trees I planted in pots, and the plants I removed from the rocks at the waterfall I planted on the rocks. I pick up the smooth stones and prepare the grass that I removed from near the waterfall.


I prepared it with a smile and I really like it so much.


I planted them on two rocks and I planted them a week ago and they are still beautiful and have flowers.


In this pot I grow different plants together.


These plants I grow on the rocks too but some plants I picked from the trees, I just tried them and they are still living and good right now.



I am glad to see them growing very well in new place. Thanks a lot for your visiting my blog. Have a nice day.


Monkey B

I really like your re-arranging of nature. The plants must be happy in their new place. Rocks and lots of water/ humidity makes them feel alive :^)

 last month  

This is my first time that I see plants grow on rock with water or dirt.

You found many pretty plants! You will have flowers everywhere soon! 😊

 last month  

I hope so. Now I starting to grow vegetables again and take care of my old plants.

I love plants and this is a very interesting and unique shape, there is an orchid attached to the tree. very interesting friend the way you plant it on the rocks.

 last month  

Yes I didn’t even know if it will grow but it does. I’m very happy about it.

I usually see my mom planting flowers in pots, especially the recycled ones. And one day, I asked her what's the difference planting it on the soil and on those pots. She answered that doing it gives more space, because she can hang it somewhere.

 last month  

Yes, that’s right! It’s easy to change to other places.

Preserve all life on Earth.🤲🌎🌍🌏🛡

 last month  

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a nice day.

they look great, it means a lot to bring something to life

 last month  

Yes, if there is no nature surely they will be no life.

I totally agree with you, have a nice day, nature should always be protected.

I can relate! I used to roam around the forest to find some interesting plants then bring it home.
Though it's not me who planted them as I don't have that green thumb.

 last month  

Thank you for your kind words 💚

 last month  

The plants and flowers are so beautiful. It is so advantageous to stay close to a forest, you can just take the wild plants and flowers and grow them in your house.

 last month (edited) 

Although I living very close to a forest but I still want to grow them in my house because I love nature so much. Thank you 😊.

 last month  

The wildflowers shown in your post are very beautiful. Your idea of ​​planting those wild plants on the stone is very cool.

 last month  

Thank you my dear sister for your nice words.

That's very creative sis...My parents like potting too

 last month  

I bet there are a lot of people that likes planting like me.

Prepare the decoration, it will be more beautiful, especially with fertile soil.

 last month  

Yes, it’s my dear sister.

 last month  

people in my village are also still seen taking some plants in the forest and of course they are used as flowers and one of them is a flower that has roots in the tree, of course it is one of the things I have seen in the village

 last month  

Hi, I am glad to hear that from you. I hope to see your post about plans in the forest in your village. Have a nice day.

 last month  

These are beautiful flowers, and we also often look for wild flowers in the forest like the one you show.

 last month  

Yes, because we are love nature. Thank you for stopping by.

 last month  

Those flowers are wonderful. They are rare plants that only available in the wild forest.

 last month  

Yes, they are wonderful. Thank you so much 😊.

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Thanks 😊