I Help My Brothers With Construction 🏗️



I was busy every day to help my brother and my uncle to build our new house. I helped them more because my nephew stopped working and he went back to car mechanic training.


I help deliver the bricks and do the work they use me to do.


Sometimes my eldest daughter @SreyYuu also helps to transport some of my bricks.



My two daughters also help to tie the iron sometimes and I also help them to tie the iron every day until it is done. They say they want to help and will want to do some construction work.


When it came time to mix the cement, it was a big job, so I needed a lot of people, so I hired two other people in the village to help. And some days when they do not come, I also help them.



From today, two people in the village are not available to help us work, so I help them mix the cement and push the cement for the pillars of the house. This work we have to do quickly and hurriedly, so it makes us all a little tired. One morning we did four, we planted three pillars, and after three pillars I had to cook for them and they worked until it was time to eat.


After I cooked for them, I also went to cook for my family, but some days my husband also helped with the cooking. I do not have much free time, just have lunch and then at 1:00 they come to work and I have to go and help them continue to work. Now I know how to do a little more construction.


I take a little free time to do Hive every day, but not as much as before. I hope you are still supporting me. Have a great weekend everyone.


Monkey B

Constructing a house is a very difficult thing, I am amazed to see you contribute in it...what even got my mind blown away was your two daughters, how they loved to help you without you asking for their help. I admire them, you have trained them well

 3 months ago  

They like the new work but if the work needs to do every day, they will lazy hahahaha. Thank you for your comment.

Sounds and looks like a lot of work but I guess it helps to know that it will become your new house.

I hope you still take time for some breaks and to enjoy nature and insects.


 3 months ago  

Thank you my friend 🙏🏻❤️

Constructing a house is a tough job to do, you're awesome to be able to help speed and lighten up the load of your brother and uncle. 👏

 3 months ago  

Thank you for your feedback 😊🙏🏻

 3 months ago  

Wow! That's awesome! It's truly inspiring to witness women actively contributing to construction projects. ❤️

 3 months ago  

Many thanks 😊

 3 months ago  

you are a really hard worker! Is it not terribly hot there?

 3 months ago  

The weather here is not hot, normally is cold, although some days is hot it is a little hot and just the day. Thank you 😊

 3 months ago  

Oh this would become better after dealing I hope you all doing fine dear

 3 months ago  

Thank you my beautiful girl.

 3 months ago  

Hope the project will finish soon that you will live so much more better. Take care !

 3 months ago  

Thank you my dear sister.

 3 months ago  

God bless your new home!

 3 months ago  

Thank you 🙏🏻

 3 months ago  

You are always welcome

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 3 months ago  

hard job but it makes you spend your calories, it is like doing sport

 3 months ago  

Yes, it’s true! Thank you for your comment.

strong woman, you have had a very tiring day. Keep it up

 3 months ago  

Thank you 😊