Mr Chibai - New Troublemaker at Home 😼

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Hello everyone 👧.

My Mum adopted a new Ragdoll male cat from her cousin last month. My Mum's cousin or known as my auntie was moving to a new house and she was unable to bring along her cat. At first, my family members and I (except my Mum) did not want to adopt a new pet anymore due to my house having over 5 pets and it cost more if we adopted another one. Without asking for majority consent to adopt a new pet from my family members, my Mum just agreed to adopt this pure breed cat which she like.

The first picture of new adopted cat

As my auntie said, this male cat is friendly. He is indeed friendly towards humans but not to my pets. Since it is the first day for him to stay with a new family, maybe he needs time for him to adapt in an environment at my home.

Hiding any spot he could find

Slowly explore to new environment

The next morning, he started to be more clingy to us and even showed his belly asking to rub him. However, he is still hostile to my other indoor pets, which are Otel (my cat) and Uku Chan (my dog).

Play with me please

Otel and Uku Chan complaining to Pungut (orange cat) about the new cat

Unfortunate events happened during the same week after adopting this cat. Not like Otel, he will come back home after having fun outdoors. This new adopted cat managed to escape outdoors and did not return home for a few days.

I have to share information on social media and print some leaflets for outdoor distribution to search for the missing cat until the day my Mum meets my auntie during their exercise workout routine day. My Mum feels guilty that she did not take care of this cat well and worried that my auntie will scold her.

The picture we use to search for missing cat at social media including leaflet print out

After my auntie heard about this missing cat, she did not blame my Mum. Instead, she was willing to help my Mum search for this cat together with her team (by utilizing her employees who work under her). She also asked a shaman who was also her friend to search for the location of this missing cat.

In two days, we found this naughty cat with the help of extra people. An old lady who just lived nearby my house returned the cat to us. The cat had stayed at this old lady's house for almost a week. She just knew about this cat we searched for it after being informed by her son that aware of our searching notice. She was in tears when she returned our cat to us.

After this incident, most of the house windows have been closed, the main door grill has been reinforced with fences and we always stay alert to the surroundings when going out or in of the house.

No way out

This cat loves to sleep on the toilet floor and stays in my room to view the outdoor scenery from the first floor. Both of these spots we ban him from staying there. The cat still wants to lay on a wet floor which makes his body smell. Another reason is I will tell you later.

He likes chilling on the toilet floor

The only window for him to view outdoor from my room

It's been one month since this cat (including the period he was missing) stayed in new home. I'm happy that he did not scared of my dog, Uku Chan anymore but he is still unable friendly with Uku Chan yet. Uku Chan always gets slapped by this cat when either one is near to each other.

Uku Chan has to make sure to sleep at a certain distance when staying with this cat

The title of King has been passed down from Otel to this cat. This cat seems more stronger when fighting Otel. Until now, they still fight each other which makes my family and I always have to separate them inside the house. Otel also hardly having his meal nowadays when this cat nears the spot where he gets his meal.

Otel becomes thinner

I would like to tag @tommyl33 , @gideongys , @luueetang , @mell79 and @coloringiship or maybe @tawadak24 who have left a curious comment in my short post about the name of this cat in Dbuzz. Here is the answer for you all.

My auntie named this cat CieCie. While @butwo likes to call him Ichi. Then, this cat had made our life more miserable by peeing on my bed two times, including my brother's room and my working paper. This resulted in this cat getting his name as Chi~Bai or Ichi~Bai for been mad of him. In addition, this cat always looks proud, so I gave him the complete name of Mr Chibai which I think he liked when I called him with this name.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post. 👿


Really beautiful cat, the first one is my favorite, greetings 🙋🙋

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hahaha terjawab persoalan ko sdh ka !LOLZ

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Really beautiful cat, the first one is my favorite, greetings 🙋🙋

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Hello 😀. Indeed a beautiful cat yet too naughty as well !LOLZ

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That's the reason I don't want to adopt anymore this kind of cat as it is costly. But, my Mum still wants it !LOLZ

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