Car and transporter: The build continues

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I've been building Lego for a while now and most have been very complicated Lego Technic sets; In fact, I built the Land Rover Defender a while back which incorporates Lego's most complicated gearbox ever - It's two wheel drive, four wheel drive, high and low range and is all operated by a series of parts that fit together much like the real-live version would. That model also has fully-working independent suspension...It was a blast to build.

It never ceases to amaze me though, the technology that goes into designing the sets, those pieces that all come together into a working model...For kids, and big kids alike to enjoy.

Anyway, today I resumed work on my latest build.

The underneath of the vehicle. Here you can see the differential to the right and the drive shafts. This is nowhere near as complicated as the Defender I mention above though.

The rear differential close up. It's ingenious that someone comes up with this stuff, and puts it into a format that one can actually build.

Today the vehicle started taking shape; The front end went on, a few steering components including the shafts that operate the turning mechanism and the roof. There's not a lot of interior detail to this one so it came together pretty quickly.

The cabin section begins to come together. Here you can also see the steering shaft clearly - It's the red shaft that couples up to a universal joint and then the yellow shaft that angles slightly upwards to the rear of the vehicle. Ultimately there'll be a little knob to the rear of the vehicle that will allow the operator to steer it left and right.

This image shows it a little better, and also has my hand in it to give the model a little scale. This is taken from the top down and you can see the drive and steering shafts plus some of the differential and rear axle set up.

This model has working pistons - They are operated by a cam and have a set firing order. It's pretty cool. I also like the way they built it with a partially exposed engine as the hood is cut away. That's what's being constructed in this shot. You can see on the left of shot that the right side fender and hood section is already on.

This image shows the completed front end ready to snap into place. Note the vehicle now has the completed hood and engine. I think it looks really cool, especially with the little V8 stickers in place.

The front end is sub-assembled by the builder. That's the cool thing about Lego...When they design the sets and build instructions they make it so the builder has to go through the steps rather than simply supply large pieces of the model. That's part of the fun...Working out how things go together. You'll note some stickers were required for the front end to give it a more realistic look.

The front end of this vehicle looks pretty cool although it still needs the front fenders put on which will give it more shape. Here you can see the engine a little better which I reckon looks good.

This image shows the front of the vehicle better and once the front fenders are on it'll just need some wheels and tyres to complete it.

From this point is was a simple matter of the A-pillar sections and roof going on. The steering wheel went on also, but it's not actually connected to the steering, that's done via the steering-shaft situation I mentioned earlier.

These last two images show the vehicle with the roof on. This is as far as I got last night as we had a few other pressing matters to deal with.

I've been enjoying this build. It's not too complicated but just complicated enough to keep me occupied and my brain free of wandering thoughts as I'm building it. Concentrating is important because putting a piece in the wrong location never goes well later. So it's keeping me on my toes and providing a bit of brain-energy-respite from other things in my life.

I'll have the car finished in the next post and will start the transporter which is a lot more parts and a little more technical...But just as enjoyable.

Thanks for looking at my post.

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Be well
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Looking forward to to completed car👍

I didn't think there was a maximum age thing on Lego now and I think growing out of things should only ever apply to behaviours anyway. The people who think you're too old to play with toys/games are too old ;D

 last year  

People are only limited to what they themselves believe. Think old, act old = old. Something like that anyway.

I don't really give a shit what people think of what I do; I'm not harming anyone and so just keep doing what I do, including building Lego.

I agree, people who have lost their sense of fun should probably just throw it all in.

Only thing being harmed are oreos and other munchies... LoL

 last year  

Yeah, the snacks don't fare too well, but that's ok, that's their purpose in life.

You have a great talent,keep it up my dear friend 👍

 last year  

Thanks sunitahive, I appreciate you taking the time to look at my post and comment. :)

Sometimes I see the way you build these things and just smile at how peaceful it must have been for you. It really great and I am sure hoping to see the completed on soon. I know it will be Bang!

 last year  

I should have the car finished in a couple days and the transporter will take a bit longer. Should be good.

Owk. I'll be expecting to see the final touches of the car then.

Ultimately there'll be a little knob to the rear of the vehicle that will allow the operator to steer it left and right.

I don't know about you, but it's fair to say that every shaft terminates with a knob on the end, and in my case, some shaft+knobs are bigger than others. It's nice to see the stacks on that V8! I was confused at first, because I last remembered a "V6" label on the box, but I guess that's for the lorry, then? Keep it coming with the awesome build!

Wow, I had no idea you were into Lego. That's some complicated set with all those small part. Too many for me, I fear. But then I like 2K puzzles.

 last year  

I love Lego as it relaxes me and I get a nice sense of satisfaction when I complete a set. I enjoy the building process; Following the instructions, checking and rechecking that things are located correctly. I find it enjoyable. I built Lego as a kid and now, at 50, get just as much enjoyment from it.

Are the more complicated set expensive? I remember reading somewhere there were sets made specifically for adults that costs upwards of $100.

 last year (edited) 

They are pretty costly. This one was $200 and I've paid up to $380 for them.

This post takes my mind back to the video you linked to awhile ago. Was it the Lego Tower of Doom with the radio control Prime Movers.? Great video.

 last year  

Yes, they drove the remote control Extreme 4x4 on a tower to shot how precisely bit could be controlled. I built that one and sometimes take it for a drive.

It's an excellent job you do. Quite elaborate, it will keep your mind busy.

I hope you keep having fun and se the final result soon.

 last year  

Thank you and yes, the final result will come out soon...Just got to find time to build it! :)

Wow G I am impressed! You are like the Michelangelo of Legos. Awesome! How much time did it take you?