Redemption through Lego Technic

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Forgive me for I have sinned, it's been three months since I posted about this build and I only just started building it! Shame on me.

Ok, I'm not religious at all and it's unlikely I'd find any forgiveness for my transgressions anyway, including my lack of Lego-building. But salvation shall be mine nonetheless - Hell will have to wait. That's right folks...Redemption shall be mine. I have started this build finally.

I originally wrote about it here on the third of January and last week I started the build...As always with Lego Technic, with one of the gearboxes.

6x6 Volvo articulated hauler

This build consists of over 2,100 parts including three electric motors to drive various parts of the hauler including the automated gearbox which is what I've been constructing.

That little grey assembly below [top right] is how it started and the rest of the gearbox is built around it. You'll note the cogs, gears and shafts building to a wonderful crescendo of potential grief...I say this because I was chatting online to a friend who always seems to distract me in the most pleasing way, just a way not conducive to Technic-building; Get it wrong as this stage and the entire build will simply not work. I'll blame my friend myself of course, because it'll be my fault.

As the online chat unfolded so did the gearbox...Cogs, cams and shafts, it just kept coming. Below [top left] you can see that orange cam which will shift the gearbox when I command it via the Lego Control+ App on my phone. I'm hoping this assembly is correct as I'll probably have some kind of apoplectic fit if it doesn't work. Not really, I'll just be fucking pissed off! A pissed off G-dog is not what one wants, trust me.

You'll also notice my delectably-mocha-coloured hand holding one of the differentials below [lower left]. It contains no less than five cogs and sits within the gearbox in that section below [top right] and will connect to the motor via that big red gear. Exciting right?

I've built some fairly complex Lego Technic builds but this one has a new element being that automated gearbox, a first for Lego. Of course, it's not like I'm doing it all freestyle, I'm following the directions and so provided I am careful it'll work out fine.

I'm really looking forward to this one...The build and the end product which I plan to do a video on at some stage. But don't hold your breath hivers, it'll take some time.

im src

This build is likely to take me a total of twenty five hours to construct, maybe more possibly as on some sections I'll slow right down to make sure I'm getting it right. So far it's been a little tedious but enjoyable.

When it's complete I'll be able to operate the hauler via the App and make it drive forward and in reverse, steer, change speed and gears and unload the bucket...And if you think I'm not going to play with it you're crazier than I am! You bet your ass I'm going to play with it!

So, that's about it for now...The build continues and I'm on the way towards Lego absolution. Feel free to comment, don't leave me hanging y'all.

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The details of its gears is superb. I love seeing toys that you can have fun building and ignite the mechanic in you. I bet you have a lot of fun building it. Legos really are good for having fun and teaching kids to build simple inventions.

I've been building Lego since I was a kid...Probably 3-4 years of age. I just turned 51 last week...Still playing with Lego, and loving it.

Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

That looks like quite the project. Lego is so fun, even as an adult. If Lego wasnt so bloody expensive I would peobably buy more of it. Ive never built anything in that style of Lego - Technic I guess? With the gears, motors and moving parts. Looks cool. Good luck with the build and have fun!

Thanks mate, yeah I like Lego - Building it relaxes me except when I make mistakes and then it's infuriating. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

you are admirable @galenkp it is incredible how skilled you are; You know how much headache I had with the constructions helping my children in their lego. I appreciate that you let us know this beauty
Have a nice day

Thank you, it's a lot of fun and I love to see the finished product.

If it really turned out great, it is undoubtedly a fun process, a treat that we big boys can give each other. congratulations you do a great job with them.

Ooft. I tell you. Having helped the Little Lady out with her lego builds you must be a lego build monster! It is really satisfying though. I love lego. I even love that you can get the instructions online for things you might have misplaced as her castle thing we built got smashed in a typical kid throwing stuff downstairs to see what happens kind of thing and we managed to put it back together again! I am sure the end product and the accompanying video will be well worth it!

They have it all pretty worked out I think...They whole system.

This truck is (lorry?) is proving to be interesting. It'll all work fine...Just follow the instructions and it's all good.

I like the fact that sometimes you can follow the instructions and you cant see how it is going to fit in with a bit and then you get to the bit where it clicks with another build section and boom, you see it!

It's really quite satisfying. I find it really relaxing, the sifting through the parts, the enjoyment when it starts to take shape. It takes me back to my younger days. I was just on a video chat with my little nephew who was building Lego...He's two and a half and loves it. I wish I had the chance to build with him but he lives a long way away. Still, I got some enjoyment from the shared video experience. Lego is so cool.

The sifting. That's it right there, there's something in that looking and then checking the diagram to make sure it's on right. Top notch!

Legos !

Those were so fun, although I'm not sure I've had any in my hands since I was a child. I don't remember there being such complicated builds, more of a large pack of Legos, small suggestions and our imagination to make things up. One of my nephews was a Lego whiz though when he was very small. He has 6 unruly kids of his own now. I am wondering if he still has his Legos of old or if his minions have scattered them to the ends of the farm. LOL.... I may be inclined to ask one day.

I'm sure you are having great fun !

Lego is fun for all ages, one just had to find their inner-child; Not difficult for me. The builds I do are Lego Technic so far more complicatedthan traditional Lego, but I also freestyle with Lego classic. It's all fun.

Thanks for commenting. 😉

P.s.I'm.betting that minion-scattering occurred. 🤣

Oooo over 2000 parts.. So cool! And there is a Lego app? Come on.... This is so awesome! You must make a video when you play with it.
25 hours... Mhmm so good for the ocd side of yours

I'll do a video when it's done. Should be fun...As long as it works...

Works: Fun
Not works: Disaster

I can't wait to see! Too bad that you can't do a timelapse assembling this kind of stuff, I think it would show the amount of effort behind it

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Aw man, I've still got some Christmas lego in boxes ready to be enjoyed. I look at them aboot daily and feel guilty. I gotta get to work on that.

Looking at this post makes me want to scour ebay for some cheap technic.

This set has sat for too long and so I had to get going on it...I was afraid my Lego-skills may fade away! I'm not sure what's on Ebay but I reckon you'll find something for sure. Get on it. You'll not regret it.

I really do want to get a remote controller set at some point - maybe this one could be the first for me, so many set before this on the list though.

This is a cool build for sure but the Extreme 4x4 Off-Roader was too. There's also a hack to gear it down to make it more capable (although a little slower). So much to choose from huh?