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Introduction to the LEGO community

I had no idea that there was a LEGO community on HIVE, but then again, I've seen the cool LEGO posts from @galenkp around and I could have known this was a thing. Nevertheless, thanks for pointing it out to me @galenkp, I think that it's always cool to post something to a niche community when possible, so here I am.

I have no LEGO experience, besides having DUPLO when I was a child myself. But, I never forget that I loved playing with normal LEGO when I was at a friend's house and I think it also is good to stimulate creativity in a child to let them build whatever comes to mind. Therefore, we decided we'd give our daughter a set of 1500 LEGO parts and we hoped she'd enjoy playing with it.

Lego House 22.jpg

Luckily, she plays with it every single day, and I have joined her a few times now to build something myself, the first creation was a fail, so I'm not going to share that one, this is the first one I thought was pretty cool using the blocks I had. This set we have contains different colors and you can build things from these sets, but we have mixed them up and took out the tiny parts for now to see if she's not putting them in her mouth or anything. So far, she's been picking them up as soon as they fall accidentally as well. But for now, still sticking to the non-tiny parts for a while.

The process of my creation

I basically started building a house, with no example or tutorial. I know the set we gave our daughter came with different sets to build stuff which I saw in the little books, but I wanted something different. As we didn't have enough containers to store the LEGO properly, we only opened half of the bags with LEGO, so we have several colors and the LEGO parts come from very very tiny to normal sized, including a few of these building plates (not sure how these are called?).

Lego House 1.jpg

I decided that I'd just have to build a house with the available blocks and not open any others because it will only get mixed up and we will not be able to build what's in the sets. So here goes nothing. Meanwhile, I also had to do it with which parts my daughter let me build because she was quite the little thief when I had my eyes on certain parts (lol). Thankfully, she let me have 2 windows, so the house had some light coming in as well. :)

Here are the pictures :)

Lego House 2.jpg

Lego House 3.jpg

Lego House 4.jpg

Lego House 5.jpg

Lego House 6.jpg

Lego House 7.jpg

Lego House 8.jpg

Lego House 9.jpg

Lego House 10.jpg

Lego House 12.jpg

Lego House 13.jpg

Lego House 14.jpg

Lego House 15.jpg

Lego House 16.jpg

Lego House 17.jpg

Lego House 18.jpg

Lego House 19.jpg

So what I found out was, that building a roof on top of a house isn't that easy if you don't have extra flat parts of the lego. I only had some smaller ones or a green one, which I found ugly lol. I totally forgot to take a picture showing the complete house when it was finished. This one shows a bit of the weird constructions I used for it.

Lego House 11.jpg

In the end, it took me about 2 hours of breaking my head how to make this house work to my liking. I didn't even pay attention to colors anymore in the end, I just wanted it finished (lol).

My daughter wanted me to show her robot, she totally made it up herself, which I think was pretty cool. Afterwards she also added antennas but I couldn't take a picture anymore as she broke it down to make something else :) But still, pretty cool of her. I think she's going to create a lot of cool things with LEGO. (and we will probably join her often haha)

Lego House 21.jpg

See you next time!


It's a pretty good looking house - you'll now catch the Lego bug and be building all sorts of things

Thanks, and I have the feeling you may be right lol

The Cyclops Robot is really cool! Very inspiring! Makes me want to paint something like it someday!
I loved playing with lego when I was a kid. Never built any of the stuff in the books, too boring. I mostly built treehouses, like houses on stilts. I think I liked the idea of living in a neighborhood of treehouses, all connected with narrow bridges ^^

Nowadays my two little nieces have fun with lego, the same bricks that I had used, and my brother had used before me ^^

Ahw, thanks, that's so cool, I will tell her tomorrow, she will probably be very proud :)

I honestly don't think we will get to the books either, at least not from the sets we unpacked, maybe (need to check what they were) those that are packed still. Will need to order a few LEGO boxes from IKEA first to have room for them though. They have this special LEGO series nowadays, and also a set with some LEGO puppets (which she doesn't have yet).

That's so cool,right? LEGO is a good investment.. my mom also said the same, but I didn't have a brother or sister, or younger family member for it at the time. She probably sold it, but I feel it's good for their creativity and will probably last forever :) (besides maybe some missing blocks, but so far, she's been wonderful picking them up straight away).

Curious about that artwork you will make in the future, I will try to visit more often <3

Love this! I played with LEGO a lot as a kid. I gave all of my LEGO to my 9 year younger brother, when I reached the age of 12, as the boxes said 3-12 and I felt too old for it haha.

Now I play with it again, thanks to my niece and nephews. In fact, they are playing with the LEGO that I gave away more than 25 years ago.

We're never too old for LEGO!

P.S I love your building and all the photos taken from different perspectives. It adds a whole new dimension.

P.P.S. That robot is amazing too! Colorful, cute and original.
How old is your daughter? Sure seems like she inherited your creativity.