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When I walk around the woods, a thing that I do quite often, the seasonal colors, the greens in spring and summer, the warm palette of the autumn and the winter's dark, washed out browns are always present as the main ingredient of that quiet but intense experience.

DSC03661 malo.jpg

It's hard ... or better, practically impossible for me even to imagine the monochrome version of the colored world around me while observing it.


I mean, yes I can vaguely see from experience what subject and composition could look good in black & white, depending on the interplay between colors and lighting, I notice this stuff while photographing, it's not that I just go randomly shooting around hoping that something will turn into acceptable monochromatic post material :D ... but ...

DSC03610 malo.jpg

... only when the pictures are brought from the camera into the PC, my favorite magic machine in the world ...

DSC07734 malo.jpg

... only then, after a short editing work in Photoshop trying to find the right balance (I mean, right for me and my imagination, I'm not talking about some universal perfectionist value) of shades and contrast ... I can finally enter the strange and beautiful world of Black, White & some stuff in between ...

DSC04473 malo.jpg

... that sometimes looks even more real ...

DSC04476 samo MALO.jpg

... or other times - just surreal ...

DSC03615 samoMALO.jpg

... but always, to me at least ... I don't know ... kind of more lucid ... more "to the point" than the colored version, seen unedited, directly through my own eyes.

DSC03829 MALO.jpg

And now :D after these slightly convoluted and vaguely artsy - philosophic lines ...

DSC03669 samoMALO.jpg

... is time to present Bepina, my companion on this walk.

DSC03637 samo MALO.jpg

As you can see, Bepina is a small dog ...

DSC03662 malo.jpg

... that feels very comfortable in big woods ... always busy thoroughly, and quite competently, sniffing around.

DSC03636 samo malo.jpg

There is one more thing I would like to tell you about my old friend Bepina, and I'll let the following picture do all the talking, there will be no usual text under the picture.

DSC03635 krop i tekst.jpg

(....... the most complete silence ......)

DSC03635 malo.jpg

Do you see now how the pictures can talk in a quite articulate manner ?

IMG_7027 malo.jpg

And with this I said all I was prepared to say in the post ... the rest will be pure improvisation ...

DSC03903 MALO.jpg

... a collection of monochromatic memories from deep within the forest of my perception, accompanied by stuff that I can remember about these shots ... or very simple and banal information about what is on the photograph.

IMG_3245 CB malo.jpg

Fairly funny stuff, like these small flowers that look exactly like a toothbrush ... some kind of misplaced bathroom mimicry aimed at human pollinators ...

DSC03640 malo samoMALO.jpg

... slightly creepy stuff, like this Carrion beetle (Phosphuga atrata) feeding on a dead cricket ...


... or seriously elegant stuff, like this small, translucent mushroom beauty.

DSC03629 malo.jpg

You'll see also quite a few more generic shots ... like this one ...

DSC03634 malo.jpg

... just wide views on trees and stuff ... yes, more trees than anything else, I admit. I'll try to regularly break the boring flow of this kind of pictures ...

IMG_2525 malo.jpg

... with the occasional flower ...

DSC03673 malo.jpg

... or ...

IMG_6564 malo.jpg

... some others interesting natural architectures.

DSC03617 samoMALO.jpg

A look at the woods ...


... a look at some detail ...

DSC03644 malo.jpg

... a look at the woods ...

P1810502 samoMALO.jpg

... a look at some detail ...

DSC03650 malo.jpg

... a look at the woods ...


... a look at some detail ...

DSC03631 malo.jpg

... a look at the woods ...

IMG_4897 CB malo.jpg

... a look at some detail ...

DSC03657 CB malo.jpg

... until this becomes a pattern ...


... a rhythm of this scroll.

DSC03897 malo.jpg

As always in these posts on HIVE ...

DSC07737 malo.jpg

... all the photographs are my work - THE END.


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Bepina's cute little dog who manages to find the tiniest, most interesting and most interesting ducks, lichens, herbs in the forest and packs it all into a good shot black and white world . Nice :-)

Such a wonderful collection of photos. You have a really good eye for making black and white pop. Such a cute dog too. Reblogged.

Thank you :)

Borjan, I appreciate your point of view, I totally get your point of view on b/w balance of these captures. most of them speak to me in bw. more then that, some of them might seem not very intresting in colour. on the contrary, others would benefit from color. the cover image, and fungi ones, are perfect!

Wow! These photos are quite stunning! This woods is very special and full of surprises. You really live in another dimension most of the time.

This woods has magic! Even the little doggie could feel something special there. All creatures are so magical in their world. Noisy people should not go there to spoil the atmosphere!

Awesome black and white photography in nature.

Thank you :)