A very visible sun

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sunset bay bw 8.jpg

Sunset shoots can be so versatile. Besides those wark colours (when you actually decide to keep them), long shadows, and dramatic clouds from time to time, they are also great for shooting silhouettes.
And that is when switching photos to black and white gives the best results. At least for me. You can see the colours right anyway, and changing and adjusting the black and greys makes the shapes pop nicely.

sunset bay bw 1.jpg

I replace the nice, wide streets with a nice, wide bay and the sun setting on the other side. There are usually plenty of people around there, so I was sure I would catch something nice.

The first was a girl who was getting ready to leave. A few minute break, I guess...

sunset bay bw 2.jpg

More people were walking, some were shooting the sun with their phones.

I like how skinny the tree branches look. They are tough ones, though, as it can get very windy in that area.

sunset bay bw 4.jpg

sunset bay bw 5.jpg

sunset bay bw 3.jpg

sunset bay bw 9.jpg

Everyone shoots what they like, right? :)
The bike was a star here. All cleaned up and shining in the sun.

sunset bay bw 7.jpg

A nice spacious spot with water wind, but just a 180 degree turn gets us to the very narrow streets.

sunset bay bw 6.jpg

The sun was soon gonem, and the moon took its place high in the sky.
The only photo in this lot shot with Tamron 70-300.

moon tree bw.jpg

Bonus, almost monochrome song:
The Police - Invisible Sun
year 1981

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Nikkor 18-55mm lens
All photos and text are my own.


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I never thought of sunrise and sunsets in black and white, always look for those gorgeous colours, but the silhouettes do show up really nicely in your images @ewkaw!

Its because the colours are usually so amazing! I keep them most of the times too.
Thank you :)

I have never taken sun photos in black and white or applied such an effect, but they look perfect. I love the first photo.

Try it :) Most of the times colours are too nice to remove them, but with silhouettes like this the black and white wins, I think.

Really dig those shots @ewkaw - The alleyway and the man running are my two faves, very arty - good stuff.. Dig the tune from the Police too, very apt!

I had to play it again :p

and again...

Thanks! :)

You've photographed a photographer! He was focused on some detail illuminated by your sun. Maybe flashes of a motorcycle!

hahah I did :D He didn't even notice me (I hope...)

You really captured the drama and mood of sunset with these shots. I love how you transformed the colorful scene into striking black and white images that make the shapes pop. The branching shadows and the sheen on that bike are so eye-catching. And that moon rising over the cityscape is such a perfect nightcap to the series.

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it :)

I love this part, the light penetrates the passage between the walls of the building


Yea, it was a cool little street with just a bit of sun. I should go and catch more of them like this. It looks good in monochrome.

That sound good idea, in my place not so many building like that. So hard to find something like this frame here @ewkaw

Really pleasant moods in these pictures and I love the song, one of my Police's favorites :)

Its one of my top The Police too. It just doesn't get old :)
Thanks a lot!

I love your black and whites. Great shots in this batch! n

Thank you! :))

Its angle is very unique because it looks like a scenery and very disciplined work has been done in drawing it.

Thanks :)

Wow, this post is so inspiring for me. Love it!!!

Will you go shoot now? :)

Yes!!! Today I will shoot my city!!! 😃

wow... The sunset portrait you took is amazing, I see so clearly in this black and white photography, for me this is amazing, I very rarely see pictures like this, thank you brother @ewkaw for sharing good photography for you, I like it very much.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them :)

Of course very very enjoyed his brother @ewkaw 😊

Never thought about capturing sunsets in b&w as everyone enjoys those colorful parts of the day whether they are sunrises or sunsets. But honestly, this approach looks so interesting!

Yea, I normally like the colours too. You should try catching the silhouettes though. The sunset is just a tool then. Pretty fun :)

The sun further explains the role of black and white in shooting. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for stopping by :)

Your b&w pics of the setting sun is just a glorious sight to behold. You captured the golden ball, the beaches and the silhouetted images very well. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

Thanks a lot :)

Good morning dear friend @ewkaw
I love black and white shots, and these look really gorgeous
You are very right, and that is what it is about taking photographs, shooting something that your eyes saw at that moment and that caught your attention or that you liked.
Have a happy start to the week

Thank you!
Exactly... capture what we see and the way we see it :)
Have a great week!

I really enjoy your posts, it's a pleasure to visit you.
Have a beautiful morning

In black & white sun looks so beautiful 😍

Thank you!

I love the street shot!

Thank you!

The pictures are very stunning. Great

Thanks a lot:)

I really like this one even if the others are also very pretty. The pine in the foreground and the moon in depth of field

Thank you! The moon was in the right position :)

Black and white shots are absolutely stunning!