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Hi everybody! Keeping with the series of throwing stuff to models... now the following it's water! lots of water!
it will probably help to remove all the flour from the latest set but it will not help to keep my camera dry and safe...
Hope you enjoy this session! i was trying to upload some backstage photos but i didn't notice that i had a upload limit per day for all the photos... i should probably make them smaller the next time...
Let me know what do you think about this session! :)

























Here's a backstage photo to show you how was the setup! a black background, two studio lights and a plastic inflatable pool!


Nikon 7200
Nikkor 18-140

Mauricio Zoch Fotografia


I loved each photograph. They are so
full of expression, energy and life.

thanks! i had the opportunity to work with amazing people!

Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours. Thank You very much for participating.

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Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day!

You're welcome! 👍 📷

you are welcome! amazing work

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Water is my fav element but these shots are crazy. I love all them, in particular those with a lot of motion, they're awesome, really!! Were the models professional?

Not really professional models, more like professional dancers... and this guy in particular is a illusionist...
We make this kind of session as an exchange... for us it as practice and portfolio and for them a lot of "kind of professional" photos to use in casting and promotions...
Some of them have a lot of experience in this kind of photoshoot but most of them are just really great artists

Wow! Cool idea of exchange. Btw, indeed I wasn't sure about them being models, but it's visibly clear that they look great in front of the camera, meaning they are somehow used to the exposure. Well done, my sincere congratulations to all of you for this session 👏

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Hahaha poor models. What's next? :D
I like the one where they both jump.

I have more flour, more water and at least one with water ballons! but i dont know how that one will look in black and white... we made it with coloured backgrounds...

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