Commuting has no colors | Monomad Challenge 8 Nov 22

in Black And White7 months ago

When commuting for work the colors simply fade away and you remain with a grayscale mood all over the place. You might like it once, or twice, but when doing that weekly simply takes all the fun out of travelling. But at least as I was doing so I took some photos and decided to apply a black and white filter in order to show the way I feel about it.

Waiting for the airplane to arrive

The airplane arrive once with the sunrise

At the hotel a Leffe beer was waiting for me

After one beer, another beer came to the party

Give me a beer and spaghetti Bolognese and I am happy

Device used to take the photos: Asus Rog Phone 3 Strix Edition
Device camera and resolution: Sony IMX686 64 MP wide
Editing program: Adobe Photoshop Elements


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