Flowers are Happiness - Black and white Beauty

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Flowers are Happiness - Black and white Beauty

Hi Everyone

After a short break, I wanted to share some old collections of flowers in black and white. Past two days I was down with very bad headache and I was not comfortable using smartphone or the laptop. I suffer with headache often as I have a very weak sleep. Some things in life are settling down and few getting worse. Hope I come out of the bad things soon and have a good sleep everyday 🙂

I got the regular prescriptions from our doctor. He says that we know what's good for us. And to make the choices that we can live happy. 🙂

With the hope of fixing all the broken blocks, I share the photographs of flowers that are the symbol of happiness. Happiness beyond the colors they share.

These flowers are my entry for the daily #monomad challenge and also to the beautiful community of #blackandwhite photographs.


The Butter cup flowers which was on the streets, and the photographs were captured right after the rain. I used my smartphone samsung Galaxy S9 to capture the photographs and photoshop Express android application for turning down the color.


The Holy basil flowers, these are captured with smartphone and the prosumer macro lens


The Chrysanthemum flower in close up










Hope these photographs make you happy and a smile on your face.
Have a great Weekend all 🙂


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Nice photography👍

Awesome shots, bw looks really good in your photographs.