Mono Lego

in Black And White5 months ago

My entry in the #monomad challenge created by @brumest and curated under the @monochromes account.

A shot of the rear of the Lego Bugatti Chiron I recently build in about 22 hours.

DSC_0171 Mono_Lego.jpg

More shots from this build will be posted here soon in color as I have done a big shoot with this model recently. So you can look at this shot as a preview of what is coming soon when I have made a nice selection from this shoot. Also you can expect more posts containing shots containing Lego as building this great model has renewed my old love for the little bricks. I also bought some little sets last week just for the mini figs which I want to use on some funny shoots creating scenes in the garden with these figs. Also check the colored version of this shot all the way at the bottom of this post.

Have an amazing day all!

Camera: Nikon D5500
Lenses: Nikkon 50mm f/1.8
Edit: Lightroom

All photo's in my post are taken by me, @tijntje a.k.a. Martijn G.L., all rights reserved.

DSC_0171 Mono_Lego_col.jpg


Oh shit

was what was what I said to myself saw this on my feed. Absolutely beautiful, I actually like it in black and white than in color.
Beautiful post 👌

Thank you so much @joetunex. I also like this shot better without the colors but I want to post the "original" color shot within my #monomad posts.
And a large post with this "car" is in the make, also including some of the build shots I made with my phone.

Good idea it kind of give viewers the chance to view the original color shot

22 hours for a lego? Congratulations!

And closer to the 23 then to the 22 hours for completion. Must say this set contains 3599 bricks and this was the first set in a long long period so I was a bit rusty on my lego skills.

I can admire your patience, the black and white version looked great.

!discovery 30

Thank you so much!

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