MONOMAD: Children and Parents

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Vehicles transporting children on motorcycles or trucks are very common in our place, especially in rural areas.

At sunset, parents pick up their kids from a range of activities, and some also drive them to religious activities. It is a common sight in the Acehnese countryside. I'm interested in capturing that activity in pics.

I shot those moments with panning photography techniques. I move the camera to keep the motorists within the frame while pressing the shutter button to freeze the moving subject.

I started shooting from 17:52 to 18:25 with shutter speeds between 1/10 and 1/15 second. I arrange the pictures according to the time they were taken.

1 IBL07223 copy.jpg

2 IBL07229 copy.jpg

3 IBL07237 copy.jpg

4 IBL07282 copy.jpg
5 IBL07309 copy.jpg

6 IBL07320 copy.jpg

7 IBL07321 copy.jpg

8 IBL07343 copy.jpg

9 IBL07347 copy.jpg

10 IBL07371 copy.jpg

11 IBL07378 copy.jpg

I stayed in one position to capture these moments, which are located in the vicinity of Yasmin Kindergarten at the Keutapang Village, Nisam District, which is a remote village in North Aceh Regency.

12 IBL07380 copy.jpg

Taken with: Sony Alpha 7 III camera + Sony FE 50mm F1.8 lens.

Thank You
Irfan M Nur (@vannour)


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Lovely panning om. I have never try to make one, nor have the ability to do so.
maybe I will try to take this today.

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good luck


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Photographing a running vehicle is no easy feat, but you have managed to show us beautiful shots

Thank you

Awww, I'm kind of carried away. I like to look directly and enter into the picture, I'm still not very used to using a DSLR, taking pictures like that requires great skills. 👍📸🥳

Because you're not used to it. Strengthen your intention and interest then you can surpass me.

Thank you for the motivation and I will strengthen my intention and interest :)

Absolutely loving these pics! I'm sure all those street bikers (especially those naked and sport bikers) out there would be stoked to see this cool effect on their rides too!